• Fri. May 24th, 2024

Towne Book Center Book Club discusses Quiet by Susan Cain




Yesterday at book club we discussed Quiet.  The purpose of the book is to appreciate the value introverts bring to the world.  If you’re like me and identify as an introvert (I am REALLY) then you’re thinking: What value do introverts bring??? You’ve probably been told all your life to be more outgoing, go outside and play or be more talkative, etc. Whatever you’ve been chastised for, nevermind that anymore.  Introverts add value to the world, so says Susan Cain!

Of course we do! Who else is going to listen while the extroverts are chatting away?  Who is going to go to college and join book clubs? Extroverts are too busy being busy, while we extroverts are quietly examining the state of things and formulating opinions.

According to my very small, unscientific study; 75% of my book club members identify as introverts.  One was a self proclaimed ambivert (yep, real word, look it up!) and several bordered introversion and extroversion.  Yours truly? She’s been an INTJ (Myers Briggs) all of her life but fakes it as an extrovert when the mood strikes. Why wouldn’t a book club be full of introverts?

The main difference between introverts and extroverts is that introverts need quiet time and space to recharge their batteries while extroverts need stimulation and activity to recharge. I can go all day and party party party but when the day is done, I’ll need to hide under the blanks to unwind.  Give me soft lights and classical music on low volume and I’m a new person again.

What about you? Extrovert or Introvert?