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#AtoZ Challenge Letter D for Dixie Wants an Allergy by #ToriCorn @toricornbooks @SamiJoLien

#atozchallenge letter D

    It’s the A to Z Challenge and letter D! Let’s see what we’ve got today:

Dixie Wants an Allergy Tour Badge

Now I know what you’re thinking, this prolly isn’t a middle grade title. It’s not. But seeing as it’s SPRING and I suffer from allergies, I thought it to be an appropriate title.



So here’s the story: little Dixie is the only child in her class who doesn’t have an allergy.  The other children need identifiable bracelets to show that they are special.  In a class full of allergies, Dixie feels left out and ordinary.  So she wishes for an allergy.  You know what they say; be careful what you wish for?

dixie wants an allergy.jpg


You guessed it! She gets an allergy. As an allergy sufferer I can tell you they’re not fun. Unless your idea of fun is sneezing like a big goober and feeling like a globbery mess.

The other problem? Dixie needs to stop wishing for things and just be satisfied with who she is, right?

Right, cuz I think you’re pretty awesome just as you are!

And speaking of awesome, tomorrow is letter E!

15 thoughts on “#AtoZ Challenge Letter D for Dixie Wants an Allergy by #ToriCorn @toricornbooks @SamiJoLien”
    1. I know all about TExas allergies! Ive lived in SanAntone, Houston, and Austin, in that order. achoo!

  1. Not great to have allergies. I was on the train this morning and some poor fellow sneezed intermittently for the whole of his journey. Not sure what he was allergic to but he did mention allergies. It must have been a bit globbery as he went through several tissues, too. Fitting in is not all it’s cracked up to be, poor Dixie.

    1. Having an allergy is no fun and neither is fitting in. CAKE? now that’s fun. except for gluten and egg allergies.

  2. I am digging the “D”… it’s an interesting tell in cute and fuzzy… is fuzzy an allergen? lol

    I am out for the moment, thought I would say hello to the awesome A to Z team.
    Jeremy [Retro]

  3. An important message for all of us (well, me, anyway…): be happy with who you are.

  4. Thanks for profiling this! It sounds adorable. Tori and I are published by the same editor/publishing house and I’ve been meaning to buy a copy of this book for my niece (who does not have allergies). 🙂

  5. How cute! Great message… be careful what you wish for! I’ll source this for my Year 4 class 🙂
    Visiting from Australia and the A to Z Challenge.

  6. This caught my eye because I suffer from allergies too and had a horrible day Wednesday with them. It seems, I can never ride with the windows down again, unless I like the sore throat and puffy nose and eyes and going through one box of kleenex in a day.

  7. Ohio is renowned as being the worst for allergies. This book sounds like something we’d enjoy and relate to. I’ll see if our library carries it!

    I’m participating in AtoZ, too. See you around!
    @TheWorld4Realz / TheWorld4Realz.com

    1. Ohio is? really? I grew up in Pittsburgh so I thought that was the allergy capital. capitol. whatever.

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