• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Portals, Passages and Pathways #BRMaul @brmaul_author @SamiJoLien


Portals, Passages and Pathways




Imagine finding a door to another world. Maybe it’s in your wardrobe a la Narnia or maybe it’s a portal like Harry Potter uses. What would you do? Would you enter that other world? I wonder…

When a portal to another world cracks open just outside the small town of Riverside, it sets off a series
of events forever changing the lives of two boys; one boy is chosen to lead a world to peace while the
other one is chosen to tear it apart.

Simon Whittaker lives an ordinary teenage life. That is until the most powerful ring in the land of
Magnanthia chooses him to become its guardian. Overnight, Simon has had to flee from something
trying to kill him, seen magical spells he had only read about in stories, and stepped into the most
majestic world ever imagined.

Swept away to the fantastic world that’s in the midst of a brutal war, Simon must place his life in the
hands of four unlikely travelers, a swordsman, ranger, cleric, and wizard, sent to lead him down the
right path.

While King Elderten has ordered death to Magnanthia’s nine guardians, the group he believes is
responsible for the kingdom’s devastation, Simon remains the only hope for those who believe the
guardians are innocent.

Meanwhile, Jak Jakobsin has been pulled through a portal by two of Bedlam’s undead scouts.
Bedlam’s overlord plans to use Jak, along with his army of undead, goblins, and trolls, to build a force
so powerful that Magnanthia will be his forever.


Someone’s trying to kill him just after he becomes guardian of a whole kingdom? And you thought you were having a bad day!

Think Brandon Sanderson for teens.

And also? Run for your life.  These people are out for blood.

“Portals, Passages & Pathways” is a story of our greatest journey, to discover our purpose in this life,
and the consequences of the choices we make to get there. “In the Land of Magnanthia” is the first
novel in the series and is complete just under 115,000 words. It’s told from the alternating viewpoints
of Jak and Simon.

Epic read!