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This is Why I LOVE Papercutz: They have a #Diverse Hero named Sanjay!

Papercutz always seems to be on the cutting edge of silliness. That’s why I love them. Here’s one more reason to love Papercutz: they have a new comic with a Southeast Asian/Indian character named Sanjay!

Nickelodeon_Magazine Sanjay and Craig

Just like you I’m sure you’re worried about perpetuating stereotypes. I’m totally against stereotypes and if NickMag and Papercutz can pull this off, I will be more than happy! Let’s take a look inside as well.


Ok so from looking at the first page, not only are the authors keeping the characters authentic looking, the food seems to be authentic as well. I know I’ve had my share of yummy samosas.

I also know that kids are fussy eaters and it looks like our Sanjay and his sidekick Craig (whatever species he is) are no different.

You know what? #diversity for the win. Add this to your 2015 Diversity Reading Challenge list.


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Papercutz Presents Nancy Drew

If you’re like me, you loved Nancy Drew as a girl.  Interestingly when I visited with Lisa Scottoline recently, she also enjoyed reading Nancy Drew as a child.  There’s something about Nancy’s pluck and feminism that makes her likable. Of course, Lisa Scottoline liked Nancy because Nancy was in charge of the cool car. Whatever the reason, if you like the young detective, you might enjoy her as a graphic novel from my friends at Papercutz:

Nancy Drew

A while back we had a tea party featuring Nancy Drew and it was so much fun! This Nancy Drew, however is not for little girls. It’s a little more sophisticated!

Nancy Drew is no ordinary teen; she’s the best detective in River Heights!Nancy uses her incredible intelligence and seemingly endless knowledge to solve the mysteries that trouble her town, and her smarts are only matched by her bravery. Nancy stops at nothingto right wrongs and protect the innocent, even when she’s put in harm’s way herself. Good thing she has her loyal friends Bess, George, and Ned to help her out of someserious scrapes!

I love everything about this series.

Are you a Nancy Drew fan? What’s your fave title?



Ninjago. Because I secretly Want to be a Ninja.

Ok so maybe it’s no secret that I want to be a ninja. I mean, who doesn’t want to sneak up on the bad guys and exterminate them?


NINJAGO: Comet Crisis

If your kiddos are all things LEGO here’s a graphic novel just for them from my pals at Papercutz!

Set between episodes of the TV series, it tells the untold story of what happened to the team after they were stranded on a comet by Cryptor. Let’s just say that not everything was what it seemed!

I love getting the backstory, don’t you? It feels like part of the IN crowd!

What’s your fave LEGO character?

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Benny Breakiron #1 The Red Taxis (Papercutz)

Here’s another great story from PaperCutz; if you loved The Smurfs and Peyo, you’ll love Benny Breakiron.

In this new ongoing graphic novel series, Benny works hard to right wrongs, rescue his friends, and run the bad guys out of town with the help of his super-speed, super-strength, and a purity of purpose that sometimes only kids can display. Peyo’s cartooning mastery is at its peak here, with action, mystery, humor, and heartstrings all expertly balanced in his timeless, whimsical lines.

Here’s a sneaky peeky!

Benny1-Prev2Benny1-Prev2 Benny1-Prev3








My first giveaway-Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom by Eric Wight

My favorite local bookstore, Trappe Book Center recently celebrated 20 years in business last month with a number of popular authors popping by for a visit.  One of the authors who visited was Eric Wight, a young man who writes and illustrates his own books.  Wight has written a series of books about Frankie Pickle, a “kid with the world’s most amazing imagination!” As you can imagine, Frankie’s imagination leads him to adventure and trouble, it’s HILARIOUS!

Never one to want to be left out of a party and continuing the book store’s success I am excited to present my very first giveaway!!

I am giving a way a signed copy of Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom!  I’m Frankie’s (and Eric Wight’s) newest fan and I think you will enjoy him as much as do and here’s why:

  • It’s hilarious
  • Likeable characters
  • easy to read
  • BONUS: it’s part graphic novel!

Who doesn’t love graphic novels?

So, speaking of graphic novels, here’s how to get in on the goodies:

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**Be sure your comments include the name of a graphic novel or children’s book you enjoy and why cuz I’m always looking for new stuff to read.**

There is no limit to the number of times you can enter. Show me lots of love and I’ll love you back!

(Professional sounding voice) Contest closes December 10th 2010.

THANKS for stopping by. I hope you win!

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