• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

This is Why I LOVE Papercutz: They have a #Diverse Hero named Sanjay!


Papercutz always seems to be on the cutting edge of silliness. That’s why I love them. Here’s one more reason to love Papercutz: they have a new comic with a Southeast Asian/Indian character named Sanjay!

Nickelodeon_Magazine Sanjay and Craig

Just like you I’m sure you’re worried about perpetuating stereotypes. I’m totally against stereotypes and if NickMag and Papercutz can pull this off, I will be more than happy! Let’s take a look inside as well.


Ok so from looking at the first page, not only are the authors keeping the characters authentic looking, the food seems to be authentic as well. I know I’ve had my share of yummy samosas.

I also know that kids are fussy eaters and it looks like our Sanjay and his sidekick Craig (whatever species he is) are no different.

You know what? #diversity for the win. Add this to your 2015 Diversity Reading Challenge list.