Get Back Your Ooo With Co-Schedule

Get Back Your Ooo With Co-Schedule


Dudes. I know you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, right? If you’re like me, your busy. I mean like don’t have time to stop and think busy. I eat on the go, I read on the go, I go on the go. All I do is go go go! It’s exhausting and sometimes your Ooo turns into Oh (crap). When you’re a busy person you need help. That’s where CoSchedule comes in; I can get back my Ooo.

CoSchedule helps me stay on schedule. Because I’m always either writing a book review or reading a book, I need to stay on top of my schedule so I submit my reviews on time.  The hardest bit about blogging is that after you’ve written a kick butt review, then you have to remember to send them to 47 skillion social media sites so everyone can read the awesome thing you wrote. READ. ALL. THE. THINGS!!!!

But dude, they can’t read all the things (!) if you don’t remember to send them to all your sharing sites.

Enter your new boo CoSchedule. He (or she) will bring back your Ooo. Your new boo will bring back your Ooo.

How’s that work? I’m glad you asked. See, your new boo thang is a calendar. I KNOW you don’t need another calendar to keep, but you do. This is your boo, remember, she will help keep you straight. Take a look.



See all those entries? Those are your little blog posts of love. Yawn. But there not doing anything for you, are they? Kinda like a bunch of Cinderellas waiting at the ball for Prince Charming to ask them to dance. Once you activate them (PowerRangers anyone?) they will do anything you want them to do; mostly talk to Twitter, Facebook, and Google + but that’s just me. You use your boo however you want to (sorry I just can’t resist a rhyme).

Looky here.


If you’ve already written your precious little gems and they are sitting against the proverbial dance wall waiting to get asked to dance, they aren’t helping you very much, are they? To be sure, you might have published them or scheduled them to be published but that’s SO 2013. When you go into the magic world of the CoSchedule calendar, you can dress those puppies up and schedule them to go anywhere and anytime!

The best best thing about this social media calendaring feature? You can create individual messages for each social media platform. When sending your blog post to Twitter, you can include one message. Posting to Facebook? Gear the message toward that crowd. Letting the Google+ world know about your post? Include a very special message for them. It’s win win win with CoSchedule. All the beautiful Cinderellas have someone to dance with. They each have a new boo, thanks to you (sorry, not sorry).

I love that this feature works retroactively (no they are not wearing Jetson’s costumes, unless that’s what you’re into). Retroactively means you can reschedule those old posts and make them shiny and pretty by sending them to social media channels.

Have les amies in France? Schedule your posts for 1am EST.  Got a friend in Goa? Schedule at 8:30 pm EST and it’ll arrive as she gets ready for work at 6am. How ding dang cool is that? Now you don’t have to worry about Tweeting a post and hoping your friend will see it amid the 4300 other social media posts they are bombarded with.

The CoScheudle people have made this lovely video for you to watch. There are no dancing cats, but it’s still pretty rad. Check it out.

CoSchedule equals love. You’ll get your Ooo back. If you’re thinking about trying CoSchedule, you can use my referral link link:  I signed up through a referral link; everyone wins. Everyone gets their Ooo back!

How you use CoSchedule is up to you. But once you get it, you’ll be hooked.


Self Published Authors Wanted!

Self Published Authors Wanted!

Are  you a self published author? Have you written a great book, novel, short story, novella, or picture book and want to tell the world about it?

Need social media exposure?  Need an alternative to a blog tour? Just want to try something new?  Here’s your answer:

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Why?  As a blogger and a book seller I understand the importance of getting the right book into the hands of a reader. Readers can’t buy your book if they don’t know it exists! So the question is, if readers don’t see your book in a bookstore where can they see it?

cAtchingfirepam copy

The answer is: on a blog just like this!  More and more readers trust book bloggers as a source of finding their next great read. They like us and as a result trust our judgement based on shared interests.  It’s kind of like the alliance Katniss and Peeta form with other champions in the Quarter Quell, without the menacing monkeys.  Readers who come to An Unconventional Librarian like middle grade, Young Adult, and children’s books.

Buy an ad spot on An Unconventional Librarian’s site and get easy additional exposure to potential readers. Choose your weapon below to help fight off President Snow and get noticed by future readers and friends.



Adult Fiction Books

Bridget Jones Mad about the Boy by Helen Fielding

I’m so excited to have finished the latest Bridget Jones book! I’m one of many Helen Fielding fans who breathlessly waited for the release of her latest book. In fact, I waited on line for 30 minutes at Book Expo America to secure what I thought was a signed copy of the latest book.  It wasn’t. I did get to meet the author though, and embarrass myself thoroughly.  Second time that week I got escorted out…Just kidding.



Blogging from A to Z Challenge Books poems Young Adult

F #atozchallenge

Let’s get right to it today, shall we?


Have I got a doozy for you! It’s called Fallout and it’s by Ellen Hopkins.  It’s number 2 in the really controversial Crank series.

Unconventional Librarian

Crank is a pseudonym for meth and the Crank series is about a mother and her children.  The mother is an addict and each story in the series relates to each of the dysfunctional children.  So Fallout is the tale of 19 yr old Hunter, the son of the addicted mother.  Did I mention that he has a rapist for a father? Autumn, his sister, lives with an aunt and an alcoholic grandfather.  The tale of addiction and dysfunctional family members continues in this tale that will keep you engaged and prolly thankful for the family you do have!

Also in F we have The Future of us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler.

Unconventional Librarian

When I first heard about The Future of Us, I scratched my head and said “wait, what?” but that’s not really uncommon for me.  But anyway, I digress…The Future of Us is a story of a couple of teens who log onto Facebook.  Only Facebook hasn’t been invented yet.  And they see themselves in the future and what their activities are. So, sort of a looking glass into the future.  I like the premise because it makes you think about how your current actions affect your future.  Only now it’s on Facebook.


Have you read them?


Adult Fiction Books

Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon A #Gr8t Books

What a fun time I had reading Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon!

While I Wife 22love the classics, I love all the new ways that authors are incorporating social media into their stories to resemble our real lives.  Mels, my new bestie, has done this with Wife 22.  The main character, Alice, a middle aged wife and mother like many of us, uses Facebook frequently. The teenage daughter even uses Twitter, however, not in a way that any parent would allow.   In this way, Facebook kind of became another character.

Here’s why I loved Wife 22 so much:  Alice Buckle is a middle aged wife and mother of two teenage children, married twenty years.  Alice could be someone you know; she could be your best friend or she could be you.  She’s not perfect: sometimes she confides too much in her children and sometime she doesn’t know what to wear.  Alice loves her family, her job, and her friends, but still at this stage in her life, she feels like she’s lacking something.  Alice is such a lovable goof that you can’t wait to read each page to see what stupid thing she’s said or done now.

Given Alice’s knack for messing things up, it’s no wonder that she agrees to sign up for an anonymous marital survey, is named Wife 22 during the process, and consequently develops feelings for Researcher 101.  Meanwhile, Alice’s husband William loses his job, her daughter Zoe might have an eating disorder, her son Peter might be gay, and a family friend comes to stay with them.  What a mess!

Wife 22 will make you giggle and snort and evaluate your own thoughts of growing older.  I would have Alice over for a glass of wine and a girls night out anytime! Mels too!

Join us tonight at 9 pm  Eastern on Twitter, for an online chat, #gr8books!

I give the book 3 paws.

Unconventional Librarian 3 paws





Books Conferences

Sponsor An Unconventional Librarian to attend Book Expo America

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

PammyPam, An Unconventional Librarian, is accepting sponsorship opportunities to attend Book Expo of America, June 4,  2012 in New York City! Book Expo America hosts the Book Bloggers Convention, where book bloggers will convene in “the city that never sleeps” for a chance to mingle, learn and then take part in meeting authors, connecting with other bloggers, and see upcoming books. It is the place to see and be seen in the book industry!

I  have been blogging since 2008 and since developing An Unconventional Librarian in 2010 have been able to connect with book lovers of all kinds all over the world.  What makes my blog different from some others is that I look at books from a multicultural perspective.  Books need to represent our society: African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, etc.  Books should also be considerate of those with special needs or sexual preferences. It is only natural that a reader should want to read a book about someone who is like them.

Through this blog I attend Twitter events, online Book Clubs, participate in memes and challenges.  I maintain relationships with bloggers, readers, and authors, and connect on Facebook, Google+, and many more online forums.  Locally I attend book clubs, have been chosen as a Word Book Night giver and connect with clever and smart social media minded women at Philly Social Media Moms and Girls Lunch Out.

As author Daphine Glenn Robinson told me “you’re all over the place!” and I am!

Unconventional Librarian
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

As you can see I’m a bibliophile, lover of all things books, and you’ll rarely find me without a cup of coffee, a book, and my iPhone handy.  I love reading, chatting with other bibliophiles, and helping people find the right book for them. I think being a little silly never hurts, either.

Little by little, one travels far” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

In exchange for sponsorship I can:

  • wear a shirt or carry a bag with your company logo
  • affix your company logo to my laptop, iPad or iPhone
  • distribute company cards, etc
  • Tweet live during the events, highlighting your own hashtag
  • write dedicated blog posts
  • interact with Facebook followers
  • provide ad space on blog
  • host product giveaways
  • take pictures of myself representing your company/product

By attending Book Expo America I will learn, network, and improve my blogging skills. Upon returning from BEA, I can share that knowledge to help myself, book lovers, other bloggers, and YOU!  Feel free to look around the blog, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or  Pinterest.

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” ― Julia Child


No amount or kind of sponsorship will be overlooked.  Please consider sponsoring me help me take that train and travel to Book Expo America, you won’t regret it (and you’ll get a BFF for life)!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost


“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
Lemony Snicket, Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can’t Avoid

Books In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox

The Story Siren has a really fun meme called In My Mailbox where she highlights books that she receives in the mail.

Doesn’t that sound interesting?

I’m always curious as to what other books reviewers get in the mail and now here’s my chance to snoop learn!

I couldn’t do this without the assistance of my trusty Book Page, Bailey, who will be leading this endeavor.

This week, Bailey helped me unpack:

Lovesick by Spencer Seidel

I Know Who you are and Saw What you Did by Lori Andrews

FRESHMAN YEAR AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS by Meredith Zeitlin (this one is a PDF but he likes to help anyway)


Watch for my reviews in the future!

Let’s go on a journey with a book, shall we?