• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

F #atozchallenge


Let’s get right to it today, shall we?


Have I got a doozy for you! It’s called Fallout and it’s by Ellen Hopkins.  It’s number 2 in the really controversial Crank series.

Unconventional Librarian

Crank is a pseudonym for meth and the Crank series is about a mother and her children.  The mother is an addict and each story in the series relates to each of the dysfunctional children.  So Fallout is the tale of 19 yr old Hunter, the son of the addicted mother.  Did I mention that he has a rapist for a father? Autumn, his sister, lives with an aunt and an alcoholic grandfather.  The tale of addiction and dysfunctional family members continues in this tale that will keep you engaged and prolly thankful for the family you do have!

Also in F we have The Future of us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler.

Unconventional Librarian

When I first heard about The Future of Us, I scratched my head and said “wait, what?” but that’s not really uncommon for me.  But anyway, I digress…The Future of Us is a story of a couple of teens who log onto Facebook.  Only Facebook hasn’t been invented yet.  And they see themselves in the future and what their activities are. So, sort of a looking glass into the future.  I like the premise because it makes you think about how your current actions affect your future.  Only now it’s on Facebook.


Have you read them?