• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

E #atozchallenge


Hooray for E!


E is the letter for titles such as Empty and Everwild!

Unconventional Librarian empty

Empty, by KM Walton, is a story of a teen who faces lots of disappointment, self loathing and depression.  Based on reviews I think this is a must read for everyone so we can spot the warning signs when teens need help.  I have a feeling this book could be coupled with Skinny by Donna Cooner.

Everwild is part of the Skinjacker series by Neal Shusterman.

Unconventional Librarian

Have you read this series?  The covers are scary but so intriguing!  I’ve heard good things about this series from many people: kids and adults.  Everwild picks up with dead children who are in limbo.  How interesting (and creepy) is that?

I don’t think I’ll read this series before I go to be at night…