• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye and Giveaway!


Seven for a Secret
Well what can I say about Seven for a Secret except that I love it long time! To be sure, I liked  Gods of Gotham but I love Seven for a Secret even more! Seven is the follow-up to Gods  of Gotham. In Seven for a Secret our beloved Timothy Wilde is back. Copper starred Tim is discovering new and nefarious  crimes in New York. Tim learns that his nemesis, Madam Silkie  Marsh, a mab, is inextricably involved in even more heinous crimes. Silkie  has become  the Voldemort of 1847 New York City; everywhere you go, she has minions doing her evil work.
Our lovable Tim  is a lovable and unreliable narrator which is at times difficult to stomach. Through his unreliable recollections we learn that his beloved Mercy is in London and that his brother, Valentine, may or may not be a bad guy. Within the story we learn of slave trading, sodomy,child abuse, politics, art theft, and even the underground railroad. There is just so much crime going on in New York it’s difficult to imagine that the same city that we love today had such humble (and nefarious) beginnings.
I can’t wait to see what happens to Tim in the next installment. How much more depravity can one city handle? Be leery for the next book!
Now for something fun: a GIVEAWAY! The chaffey moll Lyndsay, in an effort to avoid a scrapp with me has offered a signed copy of Seven for a Secret for me to giveaway! Don’t look at me cutty-eyed, it’s not a hummer; it’s totally true. You don’t even hafta be on the muscle or get into a mitten-mill.  Enter to win below…

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