• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Revisiting Banned Book: ANGUS, Thongs and FULL-FRONTAL SNOGGING


Let’s revisit some previously banned books. Enjoy!

Hello, American-type chums! (Perhaps you say “Howdy” in  America—I don’t know—but then I’m not really sure where Tibet is either, or my lipstick)

If you’re not laughing after reading the first lines from this book there is something wrong with you, like you’re missing your funny bone.  This is one of the funniest young adult books I’ve read in a while!  The main character, Georgia Nicolson, reminds me of a young Bridget Jones: endearing and goofy. This is a character that I can relate to (I either was her in middle school or I was friends with her), and probably many young teens can too.

The setting of the book (and I understand there is a series) is England; an English girls’ school.  So, while not very multicultural, readers can learn about British life and culture from a kid’s perspective and compare it to their own lives.

The interesting bit about this book is that I can’t understand why it is a challenged book.  The sexual references are very slight, in my opinion, and not offensive (if you know anything about young teen girls this is certainly relevant to what they talk about).  There is no cursing and none of the characters engage in sexual activity, drugs or drinking. Although I guess the word snogging is somewhat sexual, at least in the UK, although it’s practically a nonsense word here in the states.  Which is prolly why I love it!

This is a delightful, fabby, marvy, and gorgey book.  I give it four paws!

p.s. did i mention i got this used at a thrift store? SCORE!!

p.p.s I STILL love it!