• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

#PhillyHomeHer12 Wrap up


So…PhillyHomeHer12 came and went.  BlogHer12 is over as well.  While our minicon (mini conference) was not the overwhelming size and scope of BlogHer, those in attendance had a good time. Towne Book Center & Cafe in Collegeville graciously donated their space and coffee and yummy cookies for our session.

This was a unique conference, one in which everyone pitched in and had a stake in the conference.  Some donated items for swag, some shared knowledge and some posted links, etc.  I am never failed to be amazed at how giving the local bloggers are that I run with.  This minicon was a group effort and a group success!

Here are a few glimpses of the action:

Becks from Crafty Garden Mama and Victoria from Victorian Gilt

Chrissie from Picadilly Arts and Dana from Single Mom in the City

Steph aka Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

and Janeane from Janeane’s World (ps she has TWINS)

Then, we moved on to Firebirds Restaurant where we were treated royally and plied with tasty food and drink.

I haven’t eaten that much yummy food since Aruba.

Here are some snaps of us at Firebirds:

Hey that’s Sheri from Humor & Honey (btw: she’s Andy Rooney’s replacement)

and a little refreshment

and…i had time to interview Arlett!

So…that was the phirst phillyhomeher12.  who knew i could plan a minicon?

So, my new slogan?

Keep Calm and plan your own conference!