• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Bossypants Guest Post by Arlett of Chasing Joy


In an effort to share the crazy love, I thought it might be fun hear from one of my new besties, Arlett and her thoughts on a book she recently read.  Take it away, Arlett!

 Life Lessons From Tina Fey, The Joy of Bossypants

I am not in the habit of doing book reviews, I will leave it up to my good bloggy friends, A Girl Named Michael and  Rivera Runs Through It. Occasionally I will come across a book that I find offers some very useful pearls of wisdom that can help us maintain a more Joyful life. While I love to read and find it in general to be a great source of joy I have only felt the need to write about a specific book here twice. Once about the book Thin is The New Happy and now about the book Bossypants by Tina Fey.

This book was a selection from my book club. (shout out to Juniper Street Book Club Whoot!) I did not suggest the book but I’m happy that someone did.  I loved this book.  I like Tina Fey, enjoy her movies,  but I really did not know much about her nor would I have ever really called myself a fan  I don’t consider myself a fan of many entertainers.  I just don’t think about them very much.  But after reading her book Bossypants I am definitely a fan.

For starters she grew up right outside of Philly which is an automatic plus for this Philly Girl.  The book is really funny and even a little sarcastic.  I am a big fan of appropriately used sarcasm.  I loved how she talked about her dad, her husband, and weather or not she would have a 2nd baby.  But none of these things made me feel that I should write a blog post about the book.

What made me feel this book was blog worthy was how Ms. Fey talked about different experiences she had through out her life as life lessons.  I loved the life lessons she included in the book and the way she was so matter of fact and clear in explaining them.  I will share a few of my favorites here, but not all of them because I highly recommend you read the book yourself.  It is a quick read and good for a summer reading list.

OK. Here goes.  My favorite life lessons from Bossypants, Ms. Tina Fey:

  • Don’t be so quick to say No. “Start with a Yes and see where that takes you.”
  • Be confident in what you say. “Speak in statements instead of apologetic questions.” For example doesn’t I’m Awesome. sound much more confident that I’m Awesome?
  • Make your own decisions. “When people say, “You really, really must” do something, it means you don’t really have to.  No one ever says, “You really, really must deliver the baby during labor”. When it’s true, it doesn’t need to be said.
  • Don’t let haters, joy thieves, or critics (not talking about constructive criticism here) side track you from your dreams, goals, or finding your Joy. “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it”.

When I started reading Bossypants I expected to be entertained.  I expected to laugh.  I expected to learn about Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.  I did not expect to learn life lessons that would help me in my quest to find and maintain Joy.  Have you ever read a book or watched a movie or show for the purpose of entertainment and come away with so much more?  Where have you found life lessons when you were not looking?

That is a good question Arlett.  I think my answer would be: everywhere.


Arlett R. Hartie is the author of the Blog Chasing Joy  and is a Girlfriend Guru for the online community for women Girlfriendology.com.  Arlett writes about Chasing Joy by conquering fears, embracing new experiences, and focusing on happiness and positivity while taking in life’s lessons.