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Friends with Books – Kelley Osborne Faust


I’m thrilled to start a new feature at Unconventional Librarian highlighting my friends IRL (in real life) who are also authors.  I’ll be calling it Friends with Books. Occasionally on Fridays I will highlight a friend and introduce you to their book AND host a giveaway, how fun is that?? I know, right?

My inaugural post will feature Kelley Osborne Faust, author of The Super Power of ME!

I caught up with Kelley one day and tricked convinced her to grant me an interview.   She is a complete doll and I know you’ll love her as much as I do!

Unconventional Librarian (UL): Do you drink coffee? Cookies or donuts?

KOF:  I have 4 pre-teen girls and they wake up with smiles on their faces chatting away.   I have not always been one to wake up instantly so I appreciate the clarity a good cup of coffee brings.  At night, I similarly appreciate Chamomile or Sleepytime tea.  I love a good donut or cookie – but hate how tired I feel 20 minutes later.  Jen Groover, creator of “The Butler Bag”, shared her theory of “energy management” with a group of us and it has helped me kind of steer away from too much sugar.  Long story short, she emphasized – paraphrasing – “the food we eat determines how we feel – instead of measuring food by calories or weight – measure food by how it helps your energy”.  That has been the best advice for me because with these 4 baby girls – I need to be on.

UL: I see your point about the sugar crash and I agree. That’s when more coffee comes in.  See my logic?  Next question: how did sunshine hope get started?

KOF:  Sunshine Hope started in 2007 with the goal of teaching people how to find hope and strength within themselves to get through tough times.  Our family experienced numerous medical challenges with different family members (pregnancy bed rest, cancer, eyesight issues, special needs children)  and they tested our collective strength.  We learned that although the traumas were severe, we got through them, and we became stronger individually and as a family, as a result.  We learned about the importance of community and we learned that everyone is going to suffer some type of tough time in their lives – we all do – our message is that you are tougher than the tough time you are experiencing.  We’ve created a program to help people become empowered to not only survive the challenges but to tap into their own internal power to uncover and envision their true life purpose.  Someone once told me  that when it looks like you are the most “broken”, you are actually “broken open” -  the past is cracked and you now have the opportunity to fill yourself up with what you truly want and need.  We teach a 7 step process to children to teach them to tap into their natural strengths, give them the building blocks to lead a purposeful life and to inspire them to incorporate this attitude into their lives.

UL:  I LOVE the concept of teaching kids empowerment skills! Which leads me to my next question about the book that is part of the program, The Super Power of Me!  Have you ever written a book before?  Will you write another one?

KOF:  Our book The SUPERPOWER of ME! is our first book that we have published.  We have many more in development.  The books are targeted for different age groups but the message is the same: strength, power, resiliency and hope.  I am on a mission to inspire globally and we are grateful for the amazing feedback we have been getting.  It makes me so happy to get a letter from a Mom telling me how this book taught her child how to tap into the power of hope after having a tough day.  We have also received an amazing endorsement from The Pennsylvania School Counselor’s Association’s Governing Board, giving tremendous validation to the work that we are doing.  As a certified teacher and a Mom,  there are no words to explain the emotions I feel knowing that children benefit as a result of realizing the power they have within themselves.

UL:  I couldn’t agree more, Kel. My Pumpkin read the book and even at the grizzled and jaded age of 15, she was moved by it. Next question: if you could have any superpower what would it be?

KOF:  I love this question – so philosophical – on one hand I believe many of us have the power within ourselves to make any of our goals and dreams come true.  But since you asked…my superpower would be having the ability to bring all the fighting factions of the world in one room – one issue at a time – and facilitate a meeting that would bring understanding, clarity, communication, commonality and peace so that all could see the similarities that are shared and we could move forward in a productive way appreciating each other and bringing each of our positive, collective strengths to the world.  I know it sounds like I’m listening to John Lennon’s Imagine in the background while drinking the I’d Like to teach the world to sing Coca Cola – Kool Aid – but that is truly what I want.

UL: I like your Superpower and I think you’d be excellent at a G8 summit of world leaders.  My superpower wish?  Flying. It’s fast, efficient and totally green. Save the planet, yo, it’s where I keep my stuff! Next question…What makes you happy?

KOF: What makes me happy???? I have never been in a beauty contest so this is not a beauty queen answer but truly – world peace makes me happy.  My little girls make me happy.  Ocean City, NJ makes me happy. Margaritas on the rocks with lots of salt make me happy. Inspiring kids with the message of hope and possibility makes me happy.

UL: Well you might have heard but I’m a MODEL now and I have always wanted world peace. It’s like you read my mind!

Ok folks, let’s get this party started RIGHT.

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