• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Book Review: Without Saying a Word by Monica Barnett


You may not know this about your fave librarian, but I love clothes and fashion! I love to shop and and I’m always looking to  find just the right crisp white blouse. Naturally, I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger but you may remember my #scarfvember meme back in November. I wear lots of scarves because I get cold easily and it’s a quick way to add a dash of something to your outfit.  I even wear them in the summer!


Wearing a scarf with my beloved Bailey, who is not pleased to pose for a selfie.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting my stylist Monica Barnett, at a conference in DC (PowerUp by the powerful PowerMommy aka Uneeka Jay). Monica’s session was about style and I was hooked on her.  I subscribed to her updates and every month she sends me a tailored ‘what’s hip’ email; my style is Savvy Sophisticate, dontcha know?  Eventually, like all style mavens are wont to do, she published a fashion book.  It’s called Without Saying a Word.


Without Saying a Word

Monica is fierce about everything she does. I agree that she’s spot on about her fashion trends, except we will disagree about shoes.  She loves them high and with my bad feet (ick I sound like a granny) I need comfy.  Sadly, my fierce high heel wearing days are over; which may be why I have such foot problems now, but ick! let’s stop talking about feet, ok?

Anyway, Monica is fierce about fashion. Her conversational tone makes you feel like you are sharing a drinky poo with her after work while chatting fashion.  I must warn you though, Monica does not play.  She WILL call you out if you look like a goober in your fashion sense. Only because she knows that it is so easy to look good.  She totally called me out in person cuz I said I didn’t like to wear dresses.  Little did I know that the next year I would don a dress at least once a month to serve up children’s tea parties at the bookstore. I “may” have worn a dress to work on other days as well. But SHHHHHHH don’t you dare tell Monica.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good dose of real talk and a dash of spice, hook up with Monica.  Her site is called Blueprint for Style  and you can sign up to be a B style member like I did. She’s on Facebook too!

When you hook up with her, tell her PammyPam sent you!