• Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Books and Good Health, a Perfect Combination. Get Covered!


Good health has always been important to me.  I believe that if a person isn’t healthy, they can’t read, can’t learn, can’t do anything. I’m especially concerned about child health because the little ones mean so much to me.  Regardless of your age, socio economic status, religion, etc, we all want to make sure our loved ones stay healthy.  I’m promoting TAKE CARE PEOPLE on behalf of the Ad Council and Enroll America.



TAKE CARE PEOPLE! Get yourself some health insurance today! Not sure how? click this link here. It’ll take you right to the government website to give you all the information you need about enrolling in health insurance.  Go on over and see what’s up.  I’ll wait.

See? Everything you need is over there. There’s no reason not to take care of your loved ones and get some insurance.




But seriously, Take Care People! If PammyPam hadn’t been a librarian I would have been a pediatrician; I love medicine and helping people so much.  Ride this train to healthyville, people! Remember, a child who is sick, can’t read and can’t learn.  I don’t like the idea of my littles being sick!

Do it for me?

Why do I care so much? Because there was a time  for about a year when I didn’t have health insurance and I was constantly worried about my little ones getting sick.

Go get some.

Did I mention they’re on Twitter?   @GetCoveredUS

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