The Ford 99 Test with @eric_devine author of Press Play

Tomorrow I’ll post my review of Press Play by my new BFF Eric Devine. Today, however, I wanted to have a little fun and share the test that I gave to Eric. See, Eric is high school teacher so I thought he might be keen on TAKING  a test, rather than GIVING the tests. Naturally, he could not not say no to my incessant nagging charms and consented to take the Ford 99 Test. I love the Ford 99 Test {Read More}

Why I’ve Failed at Reviewing Diverse Books #WeNeedDiverseBooks


I realize I have failed as a diverse books reviewer. To be sure, I had the best intentions, but then things got away from me. Sure I talk about diversity and how kids want to read about characters who look like them. I talk about it but not enough.  Recently, while attending KidLitCon in Sacramento the theme of the conference was Diversity. Right up my alley! But I realized I am not doing enough. I realized I can do more. {Read More}

Papercutz Presents Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

If you’re like me, you loved Nancy Drew as a girl.  Interestingly when I visited with Lisa Scottoline recently, she also enjoyed reading Nancy Drew as a child.  There’s something about Nancy’s pluck and feminism that makes her likable. Of course, Lisa Scottoline liked Nancy because Nancy was in charge of the cool car. Whatever the reason, if you like the young detective, you might enjoy her as a graphic novel from my friends at Papercutz: A while back we {Read More}

Librarian in the Kitchen: Conference Preparations; Cooking for the Family

crockpot cooking

I love to travel! There’s nothing like learning new things and seeing new places.  As a blogger, I love  to attend several conferences and while it’s fun to travel, there is a certain amount of prep work that must be done to get out of the door. One of the things many of us do to prepare for conferences is prepare meals for the family we’re leaving behind.  In preparing for my trip to Sacramento to attend kidlitcon, I turned {Read More}

Why You Should Know About KidLitCon: #WeNeedDiverseBooks


  KidLitCon is a gathering of book bloggers who specialize in kid lit; YA, middle grade, and picture books. Sounds right up my alley, right? RIGHT!! You can imagine how thrilled I was when they agreed to let me speak at their conference! To be sure, I’ve met book bloggers at BEA in New York, but this was a conference for people who also read MG and picture books!! Thanks to the #WeNeedDiverseBooks discussion this summer on Twitter, Diversity was {Read More}

Strike by DJ MacHale is like, WOW!

SYLO Collage

It’s no secret that I love DJ MacHale. While I’ve never read Pendragon, I’m certainly a fan of MacHale’s work with the SYLO trilogy! Here’s my review of SYLO. Then of STORM. I was traveling this weekend so I grabbed a copy of STRIKE (perks of being a bookseller) and threw myself into it on the plane. And OMG I could hardly put it down! DJ is coming to the bookstore this week (WOOT!) and I can’t wait to see {Read More}

Anti Bullying Prevention: Marlene Marlene the Queen of Mean

Since October is Bullying Prevention Month I thought I’d take a look at a book that caught my eye. It’s called Marlene Marlene, The Queen of Mean and it’s written by Jane Lynch.  Please check out my video: What do you think? Is this a more realistic look at a recovering bully? It takes time and they often make mistakes? What’s your fave bullying prevention book?   30% Off the New Harry Potter Cover Art by Kazu Kibuishi at The {Read More}

Zen the Zebra My #FridayReads by SwordPen Publishing


#FRIDAYREADS Let’s celebrate making it through another week by sharing our #FridayReads. Here’s two I’m reading today: Zen the Zebra by William Tellem   Zen the Zebra is a delightful morality tale of a zesty zebra named Zen (see what I did there?) who feels great about himself, regardless of what others say.  I don’t want to spoil it for you but let’s just say he has to prove himself and in the end everyone wins! Isn’t this the kind of {Read More}

Crossing the Line by Frédérique Molay @LeFrenchBook


Crossing the Line by Frédérique Molay Just how far would you go for your loved ones? It’s Christmas in Paris and Chief of Police Nico Sirsky is back, in love and rearing to go, when he’s handed an odd case. He and his team of crack homicide detectives follow the clues from an apparent suicide, to an apparent accident, to an all-out murder as an intricate machination starts breaking down. Just how far can despair push a man? How clear {Read More}

Have you heard of Rabbids by Papercutz?


Rabbids Rabbids is the latest thing from my pals at Papercutz. If you like rabbits you’ll love these guys. Personally, thanks to Bunnicula and the bunny from Monty Python, I’m scared of these reckless demons but that’s just me. You will prolly love them. Here’s why; We don’t know where they came from. We don’t know how they got here. But we do know this: they’re here to play! Rabbids are curious little creatures that have invaded Earth, and they’re {Read More}