A Color Game for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn

chester racoon

A Color Game for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn Remember The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn?   The adorable and groundbreaking book about separation anxiety? I read it to my littles when they went to school.  Fortunately, Audrey Penn has been busy making more books about cute little Chester raccoon.  I want to read them all! You can visit her website for fun stuff. Plus, check out the fun book related activities here. What’s your fave Chester raccoon book? Kissing {Read More}

So This is Paris: Treachery in Bordeaux

  Here we are with more of the winemaker’s mystery! This is the series that starts it all.  Here’s an excerpt: The drive was short between Saint-Julien-Beychevelle, where Grangebelle was nestled, and the pier in the small port town of Lamarque. Benjamin drove the nine miles slowly to savor the crisp morning air and make the most of the always-comic show his quivering dog put on, his impertinent snout up to take in the view. The car was quickly loaded {Read More}

Are you HAPPY? I am!

So This is Paris: The Paris Lawyer


The Paris Lawyer I’ve featured before so we thought it would be fun to visit some of the locations mentioned in the book! My Creuse by Sylvie Granotier The Paris Lawyer is a psychological thriller set in Paris, yes, but also in Creuse, a rural region in the center of France. Here are some of my favorite spots there, and inspiration for the book. In Creuse, there is not much in terms of public transportation, so you need a car. {Read More}

I Love Having Friends Who Read: Kid Picnic Edition


Isn’t it great to have friends who read? You know what’s better than that? Having friends with kids who read! There’s no better way to spend a warm and sunny summer afternoon than having a picnic and sharing books.   As you can see, the three of us are having a great time looking at books and preparing for our outdoor Storytime. Many thanks to my young friends who were eager to talk about their favorite books. It’s not difficult {Read More}

So This is Paris: The 7th Woman


The 7th Woman I’ve featured The 7th Woman before so I’ll keep it brief this time. I’ve managed to persuade Molay to tell us a bit about her fave (and mine!) city. I hope my Pumpkin is enjoying herself in Paris. My Paris by Frédérique Molay I am particularly attached to the fifth arrondissement, which is my paternal grandparents’ neighborhood. They lived Place Jussieu, in the apartment that serves as the setting of the climax in The 7th Woman. Not to {Read More}

So This is Paris: The Bleiberg Project


Now that you’re intrigued by The Shiro Project, let’s see what’s up with it’s predecessor.     Are Hitler’s atrocities really over? For depressive Wall Street trader Jeremy Corbin, absolute truths become undeniable lies overnight. He finds out his long-lost father is dead, he discovers his boss’s real identity, and he ends up boarding a plane to Zurich. He has a Nazi medallion in his pocket, a hot CIA bodyguard next to him, and a clearly dangerous Mossad agent on {Read More}

So This is Paris: The Shiro Project


The Shiro Project by David Khara This great thriller won’t be released until November and you get a sneaky peeky NOW! Hold on to your croissants friends! After The Bleiberg Project, the Consortium thriller series continues with The Shiro Project. Reporter Branislav Poborsky is running away from a bad marriage, when he witnesses the Czech army covering up the extermination of an entire village. Saved in extremis by the gentle-giant Mossad agent Eytan Morgenstern, he is thrown into a troubling {Read More}

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So This is Paris: Nightmare in Burgundy


Welcome! If you’re new here I’ve been featuring French books in honor of my daughter’s trip to Europe. You’re just in time to hear about Nightmare in Burgundy, part of the Winemaker Detective series. His head was spinning. For three hours now, he had been sitting at the table between the wife of the ambassador to the Netherlands and a film star whose name he dared not ask for fear of offending her. He vaguely remembered having seen her in {Read More}