Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano


If you or your kids have ever been taken care of by a caregiver other than your parent, you know how special bonds can develop between the two.  Florence Ann Roman, a former Nanny, has written a book called Nanny and Me which documents this special bond.   And, as anyone who’s ever acted as caregiver for a child, that child never leaves you, long after you stop babysitting them. I’d say that both sides benefit from the relationship. Being cared for {Read More}

Nick & Tesla’s Super Cyborg Gadget Glove


I’m a super secret science geek! I can’t get enough of the Nick and Tesla’s series! It’s great for middle grade kids who love science or who love to laugh. Seriously, you know you are all about that Science Life! And what better way to get your science on than with your own Cyborg Gadget Glove! Bright siblings—and amateur inventors—Nick and Tesla Holt are back in this fourth installment of their whiz-bang middle-grade series. This time, the twins are out {Read More}

Grammarly is My Home Girl


Let’s face it. Everyone has a bestie. She’s your road dawg. The girl who holds your hand when you trip over your too high heels (that your mother told you not to wear); the nurse who holds your hair back when you’ve had too much cake and your praising the porcelain god; the warrior who will fight for the last sparkly thing for you at the Trunk sale; the Abbott to your Costello; the partner in crime who drives the {Read More}

How to Get Started Vlogging: Sale!


Did you know that yours truly wrote a book? It’s true, it’s true!! And it’s a right fine book about vlogging. If you’ve ever wanted to start vlogging but found every excuse under the sun to get started, now is the time! There’s no excuse for why you too can’t open up a can of video blogging whoop ass! If I can do it, you can too.  You don’t need heavy machinery or a PhD in molecular bionics to get {Read More}

The Adventures of Isabelle by Nicole Cutts @SuccessDoc


I have a friend, who kicks BUTT.  She has a PhD in awesomeness and she is a success coach. She’s coached me for years, which isn’t easy, I tell ya, but she perseveres nonetheless. DOCTOR NICOLE CUTTS. Besides running small countries, Dr. Cutts runs a success coaching business called Vision Quest Retreats.   At VQR Doc helps us women open up a can of whoop ass on our lives to become Even More Awesome (EMA). One of the ways women {Read More}

What’s In My Ear: Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper


There are lots of good and bad slave narratives out there. Lucky for you I stumbled across a good one: Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper   Here’s a bit about the book: Amari’s life was once perfect. Engaged to the handsomest man in her tribe, adored by her family, and living in a beautiful village, she could not have imagined everything could be taken away from her in an instant. But when slave traders invade her village and brutally {Read More}

Lisa Scottoline: Every Fifteen Minutes


You might have remembered me telling you that I’m a Lisa Scottoline fan? To be sure, she doesn’t write kids books but you must know that I read other books besides kids’ books, right? Lisa Scottoline books are pure escape: I get to put on my lawyer hat or my detective crime hunting hat and figure out the latest who done it.  The best part of her books are that they are written in and around Philly (that’s where I live!). {Read More}

Blood, Boobs, and Carnage Blogfest

Blood Boobs Carnage Blogfest

Sometimes, wait, not oftentimes, I wonder how I get myself mixed up into things. Prolly my need to party or my need for instant gratification of all things fun. Anyhow, I somehow got myself signed up for Blood, Boobs, and Carnage Blogfest   which, conveniently enough, is hosted by my friends The Ninja Captain and Heather Gardner.  Which is ironic, because, you know, I just finished the A to Z Challenge which is a ginormos blogging challenge and I don’t {Read More}

What’s In My Ear: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by MaryRose Wood

Incorrigible Chidlren of Ashton Place

I love reading books that are as good as a friend recommends! That’s why I’m so in love with The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling by MaryRose Wood.   This is a funny middle grade tale of a young newly christened governess who comes to work at Ashton Place to a wealthy couple who have just recently taken in three stray children.  The problem with these children is that they were raised in the woods and act {Read More}

Towne Book Center : The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

The Hiding Place

This month’s book was a short but emotionally fulfilling tale of a Christian family from Holland who led one of the biggest Jewish underground hiding system in Europe. The book is called The Hiding Place and it’s by Corrie Ten Boom.   Such a sweet and gentle family! They decided to undertake this very dangerous operation to hide Jews during WWII.  And in the end they were captured andy many of them sent to concentration camps; specifically Ravensbruck, the camp {Read More}