What are you Reading for Banned Book Week?


    Banned Book Week is coming up soon. What WILL you read?

The #FierceReads Tour is coming to Philadelphia!


  You heard me right: The Fierce Reads Tour is coming to Philadelphia! I’m thrilled to host the ladies of the Fierce Reads tour at Towne Book Center & Cafe! We will chat with the authors in person AND I’ll host a live blogging chat on Google+ Don’t miss out, the event is Sunday September 21st at 2pm. Call the store (610) 454-0640 to reserve your seat!

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Looking for Jack Kerouac

Looking for Jack Kerouac by Barbara Shoup One of the reasons I love YA books is that I try to incorporate myself into the coming of age tale. I try to imagine how I would react if faced with these circumstances.  Barbara Shoup and I must be kindred spirits then because she wondered what it would be like to follow in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac. In “Looking for Jack Kerouac,” Paul Carpetti picks up a copy of “On the {Read More}

Totally Stoked Because I’m Hosting the #FierceReads Tour @TowneBookCenter

Fierce Reads Tour Leg 1

Sometimes things fall in your lap and they’re gross.  And sometimes things fall in your lap that are filled with ALL. THE. COOLS. This time its all the cools. The first leg of the FIERCE READS Tour is coming to Towne Book Center & Cafe and I get to host them! I’ll be live blogging and chatting with the authors, wooot! Currently, I’m reading Mortal Danger, which apparently is going to be a series, OMG! I love this book so {Read More}

I am Malala


I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai When you finish a book like I Am Malala you feel different.  As for me, I feel empowered, stupid, gluttonous, educated, angry and a host of other emotions.  Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about everything, then I read Malala’s story and realized that not only don’t I know everything, some of the things I think I know are INCORRECT. You’d think based on what you’re hearing from the {Read More}

Books for Young Readers: Back to School Shopping List @SamiJoLien


It’s back to school time! By now most of the kiddos should be starting school and beginning to adjust to the daily grind.  They are also probably ready for more books, right? After all, summer reading projects are over and now they need something new to read. I’ve made a collage to offer some suggestions.  Hey how did I get in there? (snicker) Never you mind! Check out the information below to grab your copy of each book: Jeff Crossan {Read More}

True Colors by Krysten Lyndsay Hager


  True Colors by Krysten Lindsay Hager A little competition can really bring out people’s true colors   Being a young teen isn’t easy. It’s hard to know who your friends are and who is trustworthy.   While my middle school days are long over, my pumpkin’s days of middle school happened fairly recently.  I remember the arguments, the lip gloss, the boys, trips to the mall, and the general confusion of trying to figure out your place in society. Our {Read More}

Remembering Tina, Every Friend #LifeisGood

Tina Poem

Remembering Tina, here and yonder #LifeisGood

Tina Poem2

Remembering Tina: Keep your Face to the Sunshine


Tina left behind two sons and you can help contribute to the Downey Education Fund: