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Despite the watchful eye of her Grandma Betty, the witty and precocious almost sixteen-year-old Cane Kallevik is always up to something. When she’s not running five miles at a crack, she’s riding her bike around the rural farm town of Savage, Illinois and secretly warring with her former best friend, Mikayla Atwood. The biggest thorn in her side is Jenny Ryanne Schaeffer, her employer, whom Cane has nicknamed Jelly Roll.

When Justice Price, Jelly Roll’s gorgeous, older nephew rolls into town; Cane is convinced that their five-year age difference is a minor inconvenience. After a disastrous tornado levels Savage destroying Cane’s home and leaving Grandma Betty in a coma, she moves in with the Schaeffer family. She spends the summer falling in love with Justice, keeping vigil at Grandma Betty’s side, and walking a fine line between love and hate with Mikayla.

In a dramatic conclusion her world literally goes up in flames, but instead of losing everything, she finds exactly what she’s looking for in the most unexpected way.

Six years later…

Cane has always known that the handsome and sweet Justice was the one. So when he offers her everything she’s ever wanted and more, she readily accepts. But when Cane discovers a secret about Justice, she panics and leaves for the summer, breaking his heart as well as her own.

Now in Colorado and living with Caprice, her college roommate, Cane takes a job as a maid. When she isn’t scrubbing toilets or getting into trouble for telling it like it is, she’s sparring with Caprice’s musician cousin, Nikeo. Though her heart belongs to Justice, she can’t deny her attraction to Nikeo. While trapped in a love triangle of her own making, Cane discovers Justice may be in love with someone else.

Desperate to mend her relationship with the love of her life, Cane rushes home to Illinois. Still reeling from Cane’s summer fling with Nikeo, Justice claims he needs time. But is it time he wants, or is it Susan, his curvaceous and bubbly co-worker?

Just when things see to be improving, tragedy strikes, and at the worst possible moment Nikeo shows up on Cane’s doorstep . . .

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