• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Totally Stoked Because I’m Hosting the #FierceReads Tour @TowneBookCenter


Sometimes things fall in your lap and they’re gross. ¬†And sometimes things fall in your lap that are filled with ALL. THE. COOLS. This time its all the cools.

Fierce Reads Tour Leg 1

The first leg of the FIERCE READS Tour is coming to Towne Book Center & Cafe and I get to host them! I’ll be live blogging and chatting with the authors, wooot!

Currently, I’m reading Mortal Danger, which apparently is going to be a series, OMG!


I love this book so hard. I love that the super smart girl becomes pretty. Don’t we all love how that game plays out? Only it’s not what you think. Cuz I’m almost done and I can’t figure out what’s going to happen next.


Did I mention this book had me at the opening line?

What Fierce Reads titles have you read? What are you looking forward to reading?