• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Totally Stoked Because I’m Hosting the #FierceReads Tour @TowneBookCenter

Sometimes things fall in your lap and they’re gross.  And sometimes things fall in your lap that are filled with ALL. THE. COOLS. This time its all the cools.

Fierce Reads Tour Leg 1

The first leg of the FIERCE READS Tour is coming to Towne Book Center & Cafe and I get to host them! I’ll be live blogging and chatting with the authors, wooot!

Currently, I’m reading Mortal Danger, which apparently is going to be a series, OMG!


I love this book so hard. I love that the super smart girl becomes pretty. Don’t we all love how that game plays out? Only it’s not what you think. Cuz I’m almost done and I can’t figure out what’s going to happen next.


Did I mention this book had me at the opening line?

What Fierce Reads titles have you read? What are you looking forward to reading?