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Tony Danza’s new book and G!veaw@y


Hi folks,  I’m excited to be part of this exciting opportunity! Legendary actor Tony Danza, of Taxi and Who’s the Boss fame will be coming to Towne Book Center & Cafe on September 15th and I’m giving away TWO copies of his book and TICKETS to the event!!

Remember this guy??? Of course you do! Well, did you know that before becoming an actor, he studied education? That’s right, he wanted to become a teacher! Several years ago he taught classes at Northeast Philadelphia High School and then he wrote a book about it.  A&E TV also did a short lived reality show about it.

Look  how cute he is in is shirt and tie! He’s just Mr. Danza to these kids.  And that’s what so remarkable about the book.  He is a human being not a celebrity and he cares for these students just as any other teacher would.

“This is the story of my year as a tenth-grade English teacher at Northeast High, an inner-city public high school in Philadelphia.  The events and conversations are as true and accurate as I can write them, using my daily diary entries, lesson plans, emails, videotape, YouTube postings, and memory as my guides.  A few of the incidents in this book were recorded in the 2010 A&E television series Teach, which was shot in my classroom during the year I taught at Northeast, but please remember that television—even ”reality” TV-has a way of altering actual events.  I hope in this book I’ve drawn a truer picture of Northeast, my students, and my experience.  “

To be sure, Mr. Danza wasn’t always successful in the classroom; but then, what first year teacher is? But with the sincerity he exhibits as he attempts to connect with students from Philadelphia, you’ll see Mr. Danza in a whole new way.

To promote his new book, I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had, Danza will be in the Philadelphia area and one of his tour stops is Towne Book Center and Cafe in Collegeville PA!

To get in on the fun, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a ticket to the event AND get an autographed copy of his book.  This is the perfect way to thank teachers, silent heroes, for all they do for us.





Here’s the Rafflecopter info.  Good luck!


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