• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Thrift Store SCORE!


If you’re like me, you relish any chance to go to a bookstore; especially a used book store!

Used bookstores are always such fun because:

  • you get so many books CHEAP
  • you can buy books you wouldn’t normally read
  • you don’t feel bad not finishing a book that only cost $.50
  • you’re recycling, so it’s GREEN
  • books make your purse really heavy which in turn could act like a weapon in case of self-defense
  • there’s a chance you might meet a dog
  • i get to carry my The Strand bag which makes me feel very hoity toity

Recently, I dragged The Man to yet another local used book store, called Harvest Book Company. I immediately fell in love with the place because one of the employees was taking a dog for a quick walk outside.  The dog, which looked to be some sort of spaniel, greeted me with a sniff and I was smitten.  Ashley, the dog, was partially blind  and while she/he led us into the store, she kept bumping into things.

I took this meeting as a good omen, cuz who doesn’t want to meet a friendly pooch during your day?

At the end of our visit, I was happy with our purchases.  To be sure, these prices were not the best I’ve seen, but I’m still happy with my haul.  During our visit, I was able to score:

a book for The Man about Al Capone

A book by Temple Grandin that I’ve been looking for


No, David, which I love and goes over very well with the little lovies




and several more books in the series Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison.

Pumpkin got me hooked on this series

and she was excited to receive a few more






and a few miscellaneous postcards which I am excited to send to my new friends as part of Teach Preschool‘s postcard exchange!

All in all, win-win!

What have you scored lately?

As usual, I’m linking up to Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures!

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