Diversity Reading Challenge Lists

Diversity New Releases for Toddlers through YA

Diversity New Releases for toddlers through YA


You know I love bringing you diversity book reviews, right? Today I’m bringing you a list of new books that contain diversity and the best bit is, there’s one book for every age group: toddler through YA!

  1. Beautiful by Stacy McAnulty Illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff


I love this book so HARD. You know how I love opening lines? The opening line here is simple: “Beautiful girls…”
And the graphic contains five girls of different colors doing what they do best, being themselves.  What’s especially great is the back of the drawing, on the next page, shows the backsides of the girls: the girl wearing the tutu and sporting a fan also wears a pirate’s sword, which feels alot like yours truly.  The rest of the book is full of beautiful girls in wheelchairs, camping, pirating, in a science lab, playing in water with frogs and other critters, and more! Girls activities reimagined.  The last line: “Because they make the world..” Reminds me of the old Chinese saying that women hold up half the sky. Beautiful girls make the world?


2. Kid Artists: True Tales of Childhood From Creative Legends by David Stabler, Illustrated by Doogie Horner


Quirk has done it again! Ever imagine what your favorite artist was like as a kid? Here it is. For example, did you know that the great artist Frida Kahlo (whom I love) suffered from polio as a child?  And did you know that Pablo Picasso was labeled as a problem child? There’s also interesting very short readable bios about Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Schulz, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Check it out!

3. The Last Cherry Blossom by Kathleen Burkinshaw


Based on a fictionalized account of her mother’s childhood during the bombing of Hiroshima it’s a tale of war through a 12 year old’s eyes.

Yuriko was happy growing up in Hiroshima when it was just her and Papa. But her aunt Kimiko and her cousin Genji are living with them now, and the family is only getting bigger with talk of a double marriage! And while things are changing at home, the world beyond their doors is even more unpredictable. World War II is coming to an end, and Japan’s fate is not entirely clear, with any battle losses being hidden fom its people. Yuriko is used to the sirens and the air-raid drills, but things start to feel more real when the neighbors who have left to fight stop coming home. When the bomb hits Hiroshima, it’s through Yuriko’s twelve-year-old eyes that we witness the devastation and horror.


Right? If you think you’ve read all the WWII books there are, you haven’t read this. Teachers, I think this title could be added to your collection, right next to Anne Frank.

So you know what else I just noticed? All these books are about kids who are BEAUTIFUL and DIVERSE. Have you read any of these titles?

Diversity Reading Challenge additions galore today!


Nick and Tesla’s Solar-Powered Showdown: A Mystery with Sun-Powered Gadgets You Can Build Yourself

I’m sure by now you know how much love I have for the Nick and Tesla series right? Nick and Tesla’s Solar-Powered Showdown: A Mystery with Sun-Powered Gadgets You Can Build Yourself is the latest in the series!


Here’s a synopsis:

uper-smart kid inventors Nick and Tesla Holt have outsmarted crooks, spies, and kidnappers, but now it’s time to crack their biggest mystery yet: where the heck are their parents? With the help of their eccentric Uncle Newt, the twins trace the clues to their missing Mom and Dad, scientists working on solar-power research for a clandestine government project. They’ll need all their wits, along with an assortment of homemade gadgets, to outsmart the criminal mastermind who’s trying to turn solar power into a secret weapon. Featuring instructions for building and using five awesome solar-powered contraptions—a hot dog cooker, alarm bell, listening device, model car, and nighttime LED signal cannon

Twins Nikola Copernicus Holt and his sister Tesla Nightingale Holt have been on so many fun adventures I can’t wait to see kind of fun they get into next. This time, their parents are missing, woooot!! But you know what I love most of all about this series? Science projects every few chapters. So you’ll never be at a loss for something to do or for that dreaded science fair.



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Nick and Tesla’s Secret Agent Gadget Battle!

I LOVE the Nick and Tesla series!


If you love ALL things science, then you’ll love the next installment: Nick and Tesla’s Secret Agent Gadget Battle! As we follow twins Nick and Tesla around Half Moon Bay, their lovable weird Uncle Newt constantly gets them into trouble. Uncle Newt is under surveillance (but who?? and why??) and it’s up to the twins to figure out why!

Along they way you’ll learn how to make all kinds of neat science experiments (WARNING: wear protective clothing and eyewear, I’m just saying) just like the kids do in the series.

Remember the science experiment I made trying to follow their recipe in High Voltage Danger Lab?  Here’s the link.

Quirk Books always brings the BEST stuff!

Grab your copy now, put on your white lab coat and get experimenting. OR, put on sunglasses and a fake mustache and try your hand at going undercover.