Perfect Halloween book for the littles: Pug & Pig Trick or Treat by Sue Lowell Gallion

Pug & Pig Trick or Treat

Halloween night has come to Pug and Pig’s house, and the darling duo is sporting matching costumes. The costumes are cozy. They glow in the dark. And they have masks! There’s only one problem—Pug hates wearing his. So he decides to rip it up and stay home. But Halloween just isn’t any fun for Pig without Pug! Can Pug find a way to be a good friend and get back into the Halloween spirit?

Pug & Pig is the cuuuuutest friggin fraggin Halloween book this year! If you remember my review of the first Pug & Pig you’ll know how completely in love I am with this adorbs duo!

So if you have a reluctant Halloweenie at home, don’t try to push them into it. Find a way like Pug did, to enjoy the activities.


Diversity Reading Challenge

Rumplepimple by Suzanne DeWitt Hall, illustrated by Kevin Scott Gierman = Superdoggo!



Rumplepimple is a silly name for a pooch who takes care of some serious business. To be sure, his moms (he has two) think he’s a naughty little terrier. But when you look at the situation from Rumplepimple’s eyes you’ll see that he is just trying to help.

Rumplepimple gets loose and runs inside a grocery store because he hears a child crying for help. Turns out the little tyke is being tormented by her older brother and Rumplepimple swoops in, grabs the little girl’s blanked from the brother and returns it to the little girl. Now THAT’s a good doggo! No matter that he doesn’t belong in the grocery store, or that he peed on the boy’s shoes. Rumplepimple is just doing what a good dog should: caring for humans.

I love Rumplepimple and I love the easy way the diversity of the two moms is a non issue in the book. There’s no grand announcement of the LGBTQ life; they just happened to be two women who have a rambunctious terrier and a bossy chicken. I DEF want to see more Rumplepimple save the day! I almost forgot to mention that the illustrations are gloriously inclusive of people of color. Bravo!


Paws of Courage by Nancy Furstinger

There are many ways to show courage.
Here’s how dogs do it:
Paws of Courage by Nancy Furstinger

Paws of Courage


Here’s a great kids book: it’s a book about war dogs and working dogs. But here’s the question: is there anything better than photos of dogs in uniforms? Well besides being awfully cute, these furry friends in uniform are brave. Paws of Courage is a great book that showcases the many types of four legged heroes who help our military over the past century. From Sgt Stubby to Xanto, dogs have performed numerous jobs helping our men and women in uniform. The greatest bit about these dogs is that when they retire, they can get adopted! Usually their handlers adopt them and reward them with love and good dog treats as a way of thanking the pooches for protecting them. Sometimes, regular people get to adopt a retired military working dog.

Can you imagine the stories old Fido could tell about finding explosives in a mine field or sniffing luggage at the airport for hidden items? Or what about the dog who can hear an enemy plane approaching and alert her military friends so they can get to safety?

I’ve always been a fan dogs, but military working dogs have become my all time favorite, after I heard about all the work they did during September 11th. If you have a friend who likes dogs or the military, this book will win their heart too. Also? Information in the back to find out about retired service dogs for sale.  Maybe you can get one!

Here’s a great quote from the book:


The Final Woof

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.





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Why Christopher Holt wrote The Last Dogs Series for Me. An Interview!

HEY HEY HEY Welcome Back! If you missed something, check out my review of The Last Dogs series.
As promised, Bailey and I bring you our exclusive interview with Christopher Holt, author of The Last Dogs series, which Bailey and I enjoyed immensely.
UNCONVENTIONAL LIBRARIAN:  Welcome to our interview! Let’s get started. Do you drink coffee?
CHRISTOPHER HOLT: Most definitely! On those late nights, a writer needs a little something to keep his brain buzzing with new ideas! But, of course, it needs a little cream and sugar.
UL: Right. If as in cream you mean soy or almond milk, I understand.  Do you like donuts or cookies? Do you dunk?
CH: Personally, I find it appalling that someone could dislike donuts OR cookies.   I’m a fan of anything sweet. I previously worked as a gumball salesman, and even had a dog named Cupcake! As for dunking, I reserve that privilege for Oreos only (it’s not right to eat them any other way).
UL: We’ll agree to disagree about the Oreas, but you had me at Cupcake. But down to business.  How did the series get started?
CH: Growing up, I was always surrounded by pets. My house was filled with dogs…Salt, Pepper, Cupcake, Ariel, Shadow, Brandy, Sir Edmund Spunk, Showtime Double Feature—I loved them all, and use my memories of them when I write about the four-footed heroes of The Last Dogs. I’ve also always been a lover of a good adventure! As a kid I read series such as C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia and anything written by Bruce Coville. It was the collision of my love of animals, adventures, and writing that created The Last Dogs series.
UL: Ah yes, who doesn’t love adventures or dogs?  What else have you written?
CH: I am immersed in the world of The Last Dogs! The second novel, Dark Waters, is out in stores, and the third book—The Long Road—comes out in November!
UL: Thank you for writing the series just for me. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
CH: Great question! Just like the Praxis procedure gave Madame Curie and other characters in The Last Dogs the ability to understand human language, I’d love the ability to understand animal speech…even if only for a little while. I think it would be a blast to be able to talk with animals for an entire day. I’m sure they’d have a lot to say, just like Max, Rocky, Gizmo, and the rest of The Last Dogs.
UL: I would LOVE that too!  What makes you happy?
CH: I am truly happiest when I get to spend time with the people in my life who matter most. Family and the power of friendship are very important and should never be taken for granted. If anything, I’d like my readers to take that away from each of The Last Dogs books. Max will do whatever he needs to do to find his missing family, but he is only able to succeed with the help of his friends, Rocky and Gizmo. Love and friendship can get you through even the toughest of situations.
UL: Gizmo is so full of spitfire for a little dog. I LOVE her! Wrapping up now, anything else you want to tell us?
CH: It’s always great to hear stories about families and the adventures they have with their pets! Not only does it inspire me (just as my own family and pets do), but it also puts a smile on my face. If readers have any stories or photos they’d like to share, they can contact me through tumblr at! You can also find me on Facebook (Christopher Holt), on Twitter (@TheLastDogs), at christopherholtbooks [at], and online at
Hey friends you’ve GOT to check out the tumblr.  The pics of people and their dogs, esp the kiddies are adorbs!

Oogy Book Review

I lOVE Oogy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE OOGY! I had the pleasure of meeting Oogy at my local bookstore while listening to the author, Larry Levin, speak.  Oogy is as sweet and loving and friendly as the author says.

There are really no deep and enduring lessons to be taught in the book, unless you dig deep. The most obvious lesson is that this family loves their dog and he loves them back.  They are quiet animal activists and just all around normal people.  To be sure, Oogy comes from very bad beginnings, but Levin doesn’t dwell on that and instead focuses on how the dog has increased the family’s happiness, which ultimately, I think any animal does.

I give this book four paws because we animal lovers gotta stick together!