• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Rumplepimple by Suzanne DeWitt Hall, illustrated by Kevin Scott Gierman = Superdoggo!




Rumplepimple is a silly name for a pooch who takes care of some serious business. To be sure, his moms (he has two) think he’s a naughty little terrier. But when you look at the situation from Rumplepimple’s eyes you’ll see that he is just trying to help.

Rumplepimple gets loose and runs inside a grocery store because he hears a child crying for help. Turns out the little tyke is being tormented by her older brother and Rumplepimple swoops in, grabs the little girl’s blanked from the brother and returns it to the little girl. Now THAT’s a good doggo! No matter that he doesn’t belong in the grocery store, or that he peed on the boy’s shoes. Rumplepimple is just doing what a good dog should: caring for humans.

I love Rumplepimple and I love the easy way the diversity of the two moms is a non issue in the book. There’s no grand announcement of the LGBTQ life; they just happened to be two women who have a rambunctious terrier and a bossy chicken. I DEF want to see more Rumplepimple save the day! I almost forgot to mention that the illustrations are gloriously inclusive of people of color. Bravo!