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(cue opening music) WELCOME FRIENDS!

As a Blogging From A to Z April Challenge Co Host, I get the privilege of building a team, an alliance, to help everyone enjoy the challenge.  These brave persons have stepped forward to be part of my alliance and I couldn’t be happier.  Here they are: (cue more music)

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Neala at Moon, Light, and Shadow 


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In the #CatchingFire Race, I’m Team GALE

In the #CatchingFire Race, I’m Team GALE

It’s no secret that I love young adult (YA) books. Right now, I think they’re the best stuff out there.  I’ll choose a YA over adult anytime.  Picture books trump all, however, but that’s another post.


I’m sure many of you are as excited as I am to FINALLY FINALLY watch the much anticipated followup to The Hunger Games!  While many of you were tucked in your jim jams, my super secret movie crew and I braved the crowds and fought our way into opening night showing: on  a school night!

I will not provide any spoilers but I will say this: IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.  WORTH IT.  Even though I’m on my 65th cup of coffee right now, because I stayed up way past my bedtime, Hollywood delivered.  To be sure, there were some changes from the book (as always) but I felt that Hollywood kept the spirit of the story alive.

Even now more than ever, I am Team Gale.  Regardless of what you think of Peeta (he is a nice boy.  too nice), Gale is THE MAN.  No -matter that is brother is THOR. Gale is a man’s man who protects Katniss’ family even when most men would have been like “what the what?” after seeing his woman kiss another man on the big screen.  Would someone please send GALE into the Hunger Games so we can get it done right?


Naturally, I’ve reviewed this series.  Check out my other posts:

As you can see, I’m crazy about the series.  Or just crazy! I’d love to hear what team you’re on or your thoughts on anything Hunger Games!

May the odds be ever in your favor


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What an Animal Reading Challenge COMPLETE!

Several months back I signed on to the What an Animal Reading Challenge with the good folks at What An Animal Reading Challenge.

The rules were simple: read a book that had an animal on the cover or contained an animal. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

HA! This turned out to be more difficult than I thought but I’m glad to say I completed it!


Here are the books I read:

1. The Cat Who Turned On and Off Lilian Jackson Braun.  My review is here.

2. Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!)  Reviewed here.

3. Hunger Games (a bird on the cover!!) Reviewed here.

4. Catching Fire.  I have NO proof, you’ll just hafta trust me.  You can quiz me if you like, I know ALL the answers.  prolly.

5. Mockingjay.  Proof that my cat supervised the reading of Mockingjay.

6. So Many Bunnies Board Book: A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book.  A video read; down below.


and ta DA!! That makes 6!!

I’ve loved participating in these challenges. Can’t wait to see what I’ll get into next.

Have you participated in any challenges?

dite moi! (tell me, in French.  or English)


Cat Thursday – Cleopatra Jones

I love participating in Michelle from The True Book Addict’s weekly meme: Cat Thursday.

Cat Thursday is a meme to celebrate authors, readers and CATS!

My cat, Cleopatra Jones, is very talented.

She can read books and magazines

and newspapers

Here is reading the Inquirer.

She really seems to be enjoying it wouldn’t you say?

What does your cat like to read?

Dewey's Read-a-thon

#readathon end and a mini challenge

I’m taking part in the Readathon final hour.  Here’s a mini challenge: It’s a mad lib

1.  A noun from page one of the text you are reading.: SHOES
2.  An adjective to describe the cover of your book. BLUE
3.  Your name or the name of a character. PAM
4.  A verb found on page 23 of your book (or the nearest page with text on it). LOVED
5.  A noun from the title or the “About the Author” section of the book. MOCKINGJAY (the book i’m reading. duh)
6.  A verb ending in -ing from approximately page 76 (or the nearest page with text on it). SUGGESTING
7. and 8.  Two adjectives from the opening paragraph of a chapter or article from anywhere in the text. FINE, WORN
9.  Another verb found at the bottom of page 100 (or the nearest page with text on it). CUT
10.  The longest time period it has ever taken you to read a book. 30 YEARS (i’ve never finished Little Women)

Here it t’is

his SHOES(1) is  BLUE(2)!  PAM(3)  has never LOVED(4) so much.

The MOCKINGJAY(5) I’m currently SUGGESTING(6) is  FINE(7) and WORN(8).

When this is over, I will CUT(9) for 30 YEARS(10).

Ha! mine is stupid and makes no sense, although not much makes sense after 4 hours of fretful sleep.


And my end of meme answer: The most daunting part of the Readathon was prolly like everyone elses: the wee hours.  The desperate need for sleep coupled with the urge to want to keep going and succeed.

When asked by my husband why i was doing this? my answer was: cuz it’s fun.  he said: what’s fun about staying up for 24 hours?

silly silly man!

I’m going to keep reading Mockingjay, after which i’m not sure what i’ll do.  prolly collapse from exhaustion in a rubble of coffee grinds, peanut butter and book marks.

Now I’ve played on both sides: cheerleader and reader and reader is just as INTIMIDATING as i thought it would be! no wonder i chickened out all this time and cheered instead. I do feel a sense of pride even if only completed one book. And it wasnt even a whole book.

YAY me! Yay you! yay readathon!



Dewey's Read-a-thon

#Readathon book 2

Hello. It’s almost 2am here (hour blipty eleven) and I’ve just had some power water and the power banana.  I’m going to attempt to read my 2nd and prolly last book for this readathon. i am not ashamed tho, because i have given the good fight and blah blah blah insert something inspirational here.  It’s my first time READING so I’m totally ok with it.  Totally.

The blog comments and the cheertweets have helped muchly. I am punchy and delirious.

I leave you with a quote to help you guess what book I’m about to read: I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games