• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

#readathon end and a mini challenge


I’m taking part in the Readathon final hour.  Here’s a mini challenge: It’s a mad lib

1.  A noun from page one of the text you are reading.: SHOES
2.  An adjective to describe the cover of your book. BLUE
3.  Your name or the name of a character. PAM
4.  A verb found on page 23 of your book (or the nearest page with text on it). LOVED
5.  A noun from the title or the “About the Author” section of the book. MOCKINGJAY (the book i’m reading. duh)
6.  A verb ending in -ing from approximately page 76 (or the nearest page with text on it). SUGGESTING
7. and 8.  Two adjectives from the opening paragraph of a chapter or article from anywhere in the text. FINE, WORN
9.  Another verb found at the bottom of page 100 (or the nearest page with text on it). CUT
10.  The longest time period it has ever taken you to read a book. 30 YEARS (i’ve never finished Little Women)

Here it t’is

his SHOES(1) is  BLUE(2)!  PAM(3)  has never LOVED(4) so much.

The MOCKINGJAY(5) I’m currently SUGGESTING(6) is  FINE(7) and WORN(8).

When this is over, I will CUT(9) for 30 YEARS(10).

Ha! mine is stupid and makes no sense, although not much makes sense after 4 hours of fretful sleep.


And my end of meme answer: The most daunting part of the Readathon was prolly like everyone elses: the wee hours.  The desperate need for sleep coupled with the urge to want to keep going and succeed.

When asked by my husband why i was doing this? my answer was: cuz it’s fun.  he said: what’s fun about staying up for 24 hours?

silly silly man!

I’m going to keep reading Mockingjay, after which i’m not sure what i’ll do.  prolly collapse from exhaustion in a rubble of coffee grinds, peanut butter and book marks.

Now I’ve played on both sides: cheerleader and reader and reader is just as INTIMIDATING as i thought it would be! no wonder i chickened out all this time and cheered instead. I do feel a sense of pride even if only completed one book. And it wasnt even a whole book.

YAY me! Yay you! yay readathon!