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Lisa Scottoline: Every Fifteen Minutes

You might have remembered me telling you that I’m a Lisa Scottoline fan? To be sure, she doesn’t write kids books but you must know that I read other books besides kids’ books, right?


Lisa Scottoline books are pure escape: I get to put on my lawyer hat or my detective crime hunting hat and figure out the latest who done it.  The best part of her books are that they are written in and around Philly (that’s where I live!).

I’ve just finished these two:




The second book in the Rosato & DiNunzio Associates series. Chicks rule law firm, wooooot!


Every Fifteen Minutes



Which is a stand alone psychological thriller about a psychiatrist, a psychotic killer that will have you looking at everyone you know with a side eye to see if they are a sociopath. I lost much sleep the day it took me to read that. I was so afraid of everyone!!

Have you read any Lisa Scottoline? What’s your fave?



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Papercutz Presents Nancy Drew

If you’re like me, you loved Nancy Drew as a girl.  Interestingly when I visited with Lisa Scottoline recently, she also enjoyed reading Nancy Drew as a child.  There’s something about Nancy’s pluck and feminism that makes her likable. Of course, Lisa Scottoline liked Nancy because Nancy was in charge of the cool car. Whatever the reason, if you like the young detective, you might enjoy her as a graphic novel from my friends at Papercutz:

Nancy Drew

A while back we had a tea party featuring Nancy Drew and it was so much fun! This Nancy Drew, however is not for little girls. It’s a little more sophisticated!

Nancy Drew is no ordinary teen; she’s the best detective in River Heights!Nancy uses her incredible intelligence and seemingly endless knowledge to solve the mysteries that trouble her town, and her smarts are only matched by her bravery. Nancy stops at nothingto right wrongs and protect the innocent, even when she’s put in harm’s way herself. Good thing she has her loyal friends Bess, George, and Ned to help her out of someserious scrapes!

I love everything about this series.

Are you a Nancy Drew fan? What’s your fave title?


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It’s Lisa Scottoline Weekend!

You might not know this about me but I’m a big Lisa Scottoline fan!


It happened rather serendipitously like most things do to me but I’m happy that they did. This weekend our book club (of which I’m host) gets to visit Lisa at her HOUSE!! It’s a great day of meeting new friends, eating food, playing with the doggies, and getting to know Lisa and Francesca better.  Lisa very generously opens up her home to complete strangers.  I don’t know of any other author who does that.  Last year was my first year and I’m thrilled to be going again.

In fact, if you’re reading this on a Saturday, I’m there now, enjoying myself! Stay tuned for more about this wonderful weekend with a very generous author, Lisa Scottoline. I’m also VERY excited about her latest book because my FRIEND will be in it! Not telling you what or why but I’ll let you know as soon as the book drops!

Meanwhile, check out some of my book reviews:

Have a Nice Guilt Trip

Look Again

Don’t Go

Everywhere That Mary Went

Here’s a pic of the 3 of us who went last year.

Lisa Scottoline Book Club Party





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Lisa Scottoline’s Keep Quiet: UPDATE AUDIO EXCERPT

UPDATE: I’m thrilled to offer you an excerpt from the audiobook read by Ron Livingston. You many know Ron from some of his movie roles, but I love him as Berger, Carrie’s boyfriend from Sex and the City.  Berger’s (Ron’s) voice is perfect for reading this book as it’s not too deep and not too high. It’s just the right amount of of whatever. His voice doesn’t get in the way of listening to the book, which can sometimes happen when the wrong reader narrates the book.

Wanna listen in?

Let me know what you think. I miss him as Carrie’s bf. Brain and funny.  Good combo.

nice, right?

It’s no secret that I love Lisa Scottoline. Here’s my video review:


Have you read KEEP QUIET? What did you think?


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Noah’s Rainy Day by Sandra Brannan #livbergen @SandraBrannan and @SamiJoLien

I love reading anything by Sandra Brannan.  You may remember my review last year of Widow’s Might.  I actually made my own book trailer about it.  Here’s the link. To be sure, Widow’s Might was probably the first mystery I’d read in ages.  The storyline moved so quickly I could not put it down, it was the perfect beach read!

This year’Noahs Noah’s Rainy Day is no exception.  Back is my old buddy Liv Bergen.  She’s a girl’s girl: she’s a woman who doesn’t define herself by girly high heels, smelly perfumes and all those other items that stereotypically make someone female.  Currently, she’s just out of Quantico and now an FBI agent; LOVE!

Here’s a blurb about the book:

From birth, Noah Hogarty has lived with severe cerebral palsy. He is nearly blind, unable to speak, and cannot run, walk, or crawl. Yet his mind works just as well as any other twelve-year-old’s—maybe even better. And Noah holds a secret dream: to become a great spy, following in the footsteps of his aunt, Liv “Boots” Bergen.

Now, freshly returned from training at Quantico, FBI agent Liv Bergen is thrown into her first professional case. Working side by side with veteran agent Streeter Pierce, enigmatic agent and lover Jack Linwood, and her bloodhound Beulah, Liv must race to find five-year-old Max—last seen at the Denver International Airport—before this Christmastime abduction turns deadly. Meanwhile Noah, housebound, becomes wrapped up in identifying the young face he sees watching him from his neighbor’s bedroom window, but he can neither describe nor inscribe what he knows.

And his investigation may lead to Noah paying the ultimate price in fulfilling his dream.

Noah’s Rainy Day (the fourth novel in Brannan’s mystery series) combines classic Liv Bergen irreverence and brainpower with an unflinching look at the darkest of human motivations, all while a whirlpool of increasingly terrifying events threatens to engulf Liv and Noah both in one final rainy day.

Sounds awesome, huh?  Now that a year has passed and I’m more familiar with mysteries (mostly through Lisa Scottoline) I look forward to watching tough ladies kick butt.  Especially keen is a woman who is involved with her extended family who somehow manage to get involved in her escapades.  Noah’s Rainy Day is no different.  Noah is Liv’s nephew and happens to know a dreadful secret but is unable to communicate it.  Meanwhile a disgusting pervert has kidnapped cute little Max.

Parts of this story make me sick to my stomach.  And parts make me happy.

And? I could totally have a cup of coffee with Liv and shot the breeze.  I’m prolly too girly for her though.  Then again, I’d tell her which boy to dump and which one to date.

Team Streeter!




Lisa Scottoline Book Club Daddy’s Girl

Lisa Scottoline Unconventional Librarian



















It’s been great fun hosting a Lisa Scottoline Book Club at Towne Book Center & Cafe.  Many of the ladies have read much more than I have but I can see why they are devoted readers.  To be sure, I’m a noob to Lisa Scottoline; but I’m hooked nonetheless.  So far, I’ve read these titles:

  • Look Again (A World Book Night pick)
  • Don’t Go
  • Come Home
  • Everywhere That Mary Went
  • Daddy’s Girl

I’ve enjoyed all the book immensely, but like others, I enjoy the legal thrillers the most.  I love that Scottoline tools around the Philadelphia area naming neighborhoods I’ve heard of or been in; it makes me even feel more part of the story. August’s pick was Daddy’s Girl about a law professor at Penn (coincidence?) who stumbles upon a horrible prison riot, falls in love, and gets pegged for murder.  I loved it! There’s a great surprise about the Underground Railroad, which, if you know history,  you know that the Quakers and Chester County, PA were a vital portion of the railroad.


At next month’s meeting we’ll play catch up in preparation for the big party at the author’s house in October.


Have you read any of Lisa’s books?  Which are your favorite?




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Lisa Scottoline Book Club Everywhere that Mary Went

My Lisa Scottoline book review

fun, huh?

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Lisa Scottoline Book Club – Don’t Go UPDATE!!

I know I know, how many book clubs can one woman person belong to??

As many as I can!

So that is why I started the Lisa Scottoline book club at Towne Book Center and Cafe. There are many reasons to read Lisa Scottoline:

  1. She writes good stories
  2. She’s a local and includes local landmarks
  3. There’s a chance to get invited to her house!!!

Unconventional Librarian Lisa Scottoline Don't Go

That’s me mugging with her latest book, late at night, at work.  Booksellers are notorious night owls!

Even though this is only my second Lisa Scottoline book (the first was Look Again), I got caught up in the plot very quickly.  I also thought I had the story figured out.

Boy was I wrong.

No spoilers here, but man was this a good story of a soldier serving in Afghanistan who has to deal with some inexplicable crises.  And while this is a quick moving tale, I would love a little bit less conversation and a teeny bit more descriptive text.  But man did I go through the coffee finishing this one; I didn’t want to put it down!

Thanks for a good read Lisa, I hope to see you at your house this fall for your Book Club Open House soiree!!

Can’t wait to go clubbing tonight!


Book club was SO SO fun! We had an excellent discussion and even agreed to keep the book club going through the summer which is no small feat, for sure.  I’m looking forward to reading one of Lisa Lisa’s older titles:  Come Again, for  our June meeting!


The uber cool people over at Macmillan hipped me to this thing called SoundCloud where you can listen to snippets of books.  I may have found my new addiction after cake, coffee, and Pinterest.  Lisa’s book Don’t Go is available to listen to on audio over at SoundCloud.  Check it out below.

How cool is that, huh?


way. oh boy, i’m gonna need another ipad just to listen to books. good thing my birthday is coming up in (sigh) 6 months…

Go enjoy the book!


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World Book Night

Tonight is World Book Night!

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a World Book Night Giver reception at Towne Book Center & Cafe recently.  We had drank a little wine, swapped stories, and had a great time.

World Book Night Unconventional Librarian

Are you participating in World Book Night?

Tell me about it!

Adult Fiction Books Take Control of Your TBR Challenge

Lisa Scottoline’s Look Again, a World Book Night pick

So, I’m a World Book Night giver (YAY)!

Hi res WBN logo 2013

And I’m giving away the book


Look Again by Lisa Scottoline!

And, I’m hosting a reading group this week at Towne Book Center & Cafe featuring this book (triple yay!!). If you’re in the area, stop by Wednesday at 7pm.

I’m looking forward to chatting with other LS fans to see what makes them tick.  You might know that LS is a Philly area local and I had the pleasure of meeting her during an event at the store.


LS writes many novels in the mystery genre.  They are fun, quick, and easy to read.  What I love most about them is that since she’s local, she talks about local places in this novel, places I’ve heard of or been to.  How fun is that?

Have you read any Lisa Scottoline books? Do tell?

Oh yeah, and since this book was published prior to March 2013, it counts as part of Take Control of Your TBR Pile challenge, woot!