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Learn Spanish the Gringa Way by Erin Ashley Sieber

Learn Spanish the Gringa Way by Erin Ashley Sieber
About The Book:
Learn Spanish the Gringa Way by Erin Ashley Sieber

Learning Spanish The Gringa Way
By: Erin Ashley Sieber
Published: September 24, 2014
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 232

Step into a new world of learning, in which the journey itself is actually fun and exciting! The Gringa has taken a somewhat “nontraditional” approach toward teaching the Spanish language to English speakers. In doing so, she pioneered a system, The Gringa Way, which allows learners to translate their English thoughts into Spanish thoughts and sentences.
This total “new approach” not only makes the language much easier to learn and understand but it transforms what many thought was “impossible” and makes it completely achievable. Many people have been totally overwhelmed by the “strict rules” and vast grammatical differences they discovered when trying the “old” and “traditional” methods of learning usable Spanish – so they quit – saying it is simply way too hard and frustrating.

 With The Gringa Way method and the help of this book, you will be speaking Spanish easier than you ever thought possible.

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About The Author:
“I fell in love with the Spanish language, as well as the Spanish people, at a young, impressionable age. When I was fourteen I received a trip to Cancun, Mexico as a gift for Christmas! It was this trip that changed the rest of my career course, and really my outlook on life and other cultures.

What happened you ask? When I arrived to Cancun, Mexico, I was excited and eager to explore this new and beautiful land. It was my first time out of the States, and I was ready to mingle! Along my journey in Cancun, I encountered some people from South America who were traveling. I was all too eager to hear and learn about their background and country of Argentina – but there was one big problem I encountered with this: I did not speak Spanish (at the time) and they did not speak English. Besides knowing how to say “hola,” I had yet to have learned any Spanish. My best friend, (who was with me on the trip) did have a year of Spanish, but she was not yet fluent in any sense of the term. What is the point of this story you might ask? It was in that very moment of pure frustration and disappointment from not being able to communicate – I told myself: I would not let this happen again.
When I got back to the states, not only did I pick Spanish as my (language of choice) for all of my high schooling, but decided to go on to also make the Spanish language my major in College, and then go on to pursue a career using Spanish. My love for the language opened up many doors:

In High School, the National Spanish Honor Society inducted me into their honor roll. I then earned my first degree in the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and International Business from Florida Atlantic University. While attending the university, I jumped at the chance to live and study in Salamanca, Spain and El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, as well as attend the private language school, Estudio Sampere for six months, where I received some of my most intense instruction in the Spanish language. I then went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University.

Since then, I have traveled the world and been to more than 8 Spanish speaking countries, have worked for the major newspaper El Nuevo Herald as their Business Development Manager , am a member of the American Translation Association as well as a qualified Court Interpreter in my home state of Maryland. I have also had the privilege to teach English to Spanish speaking members of a Major League baseball team.”
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Guardian by Alexander London. A Review

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you should know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexander London! It’s almost as if we are SIBLINGS



SEPARATED AT BIRTH! I mean look at us! We are practically TWINS! I have ears, he has ears. We both wear glasses, and our mouths are both open in this picture.

Uncanny, right?

Because Al is my secret twin, I’m so proud of him for writing the sequel to Proxy, which is called Guardian.  I couldn’t love Proxy any more because the world needs more dark skinned homosexual heroes, ya know? Sure, Sid is gay but that’s not the point. The point IS that he is a human being who just happens to like other boys. He handles his business, kicks ass when he needs to, and is just trying to survive in the world, just like everyone else.

In Guardian, poor Sid is now the wunderkind, the guy who everyone hangs their hopes on. There’s been a revolution and now that the world is putting itself together, people are still trying to kill Sid. But at least he has a few friends. And all you need is one good friend, right?

Deeper still than Proxy, Guardian is a good platform to discuss political and economic systems if you’re into that sort of thing. What a great semester you‘d have if you taught this in World Civilization, Economics, English, Sociology, or History class! Teachers, get on this.  Fortunately for us, fascism is long dead, but Guardian helps you take a look at this and other failed systems in a way that teens who are trying to figure the world out, can relate to.

I can’t wait to see what happens in book 3.  There will be a book three, right?


Also? Am I the only one who envisions Harvey Fierstein or Topol as Counselor Baram?

Did I mention that I‘m part of Lady Reader Bookstuff‘s tour, which ROCKS. HARD.











Despite the watchful eye of her Grandma Betty, the witty and precocious almost sixteen-year-old Cane Kallevik is always up to something. When she’s not running five miles at a crack, she’s riding her bike around the rural farm town of Savage, Illinois and secretly warring with her former best friend, Mikayla Atwood. The biggest thorn in her side is Jenny Ryanne Schaeffer, her employer, whom Cane has nicknamed Jelly Roll.

When Justice Price, Jelly Roll’s gorgeous, older nephew rolls into town; Cane is convinced that their five-year age difference is a minor inconvenience. After a disastrous tornado levels Savage destroying Cane’s home and leaving Grandma Betty in a coma, she moves in with the Schaeffer family. She spends the summer falling in love with Justice, keeping vigil at Grandma Betty’s side, and walking a fine line between love and hate with Mikayla.

In a dramatic conclusion her world literally goes up in flames, but instead of losing everything, she finds exactly what she’s looking for in the most unexpected way.

Six years later…

Cane has always known that the handsome and sweet Justice was the one. So when he offers her everything she’s ever wanted and more, she readily accepts. But when Cane discovers a secret about Justice, she panics and leaves for the summer, breaking his heart as well as her own.

Now in Colorado and living with Caprice, her college roommate, Cane takes a job as a maid. When she isn’t scrubbing toilets or getting into trouble for telling it like it is, she’s sparring with Caprice’s musician cousin, Nikeo. Though her heart belongs to Justice, she can’t deny her attraction to Nikeo. While trapped in a love triangle of her own making, Cane discovers Justice may be in love with someone else.

Desperate to mend her relationship with the love of her life, Cane rushes home to Illinois. Still reeling from Cane’s summer fling with Nikeo, Justice claims he needs time. But is it time he wants, or is it Susan, his curvaceous and bubbly co-worker?

Just when things see to be improving, tragedy strikes, and at the worst possible moment Nikeo shows up on Cane’s doorstep . . .

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A Very Merry-un-birthday-to-me!

This month I am not celebrating my birthday, so I decided that I would not celebrate with all of you during the entire month of February.

A very merry-un-birthday-to-me!


To celebrate my un-birthday, several bloggers & authors have teamed up to sponsor this stellar giveaway. The winner will have the option to choose from a Kindle Fire HDX, $200 Amazon Gift Card or $200 Paypal Cash. 

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A Very Merry-un-birthday-to-me!


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Anti Bullying and Ripple’s Effect, A Book Review

Friends, bullying makes me very very unhappy.  I’m proud to share a resource with you that will help little ones find strength within themselves to stop a bully.

Blogging Reviews

You’ve read #TheHungerGames now read #TheBloggerGames!

unconventional librarian

Yes, it’s true, PammyPam is a Hunger Games junkie; but you knew that already non? Despite my initial radical social commentary between the book and race, found here, I still loved the book and the movie.  Speaking of social commentary, I could speak about feminism and The Hunger Games, but I won’t.


Pumpkin and I decided to revisit The Hunger Games movie and I came away like I’d hoped: pleased.  To be sure, I love to rewatch movies so, this is not a new phenom for me, because each time you watch, you take away something new.  Why else would people still be watching The Wizard of Oz some 80 years later?

So, where was I? Blah blah blah…I came up with The Blogger Games: May the Blogs be EVER in your Favor!

Representing District 12 is PammyPam aka An Unconventional Librarian.  (crowd roars) Her skills? Wearing scarves and finding just the right book for the kiddos.  When she sings “Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car” she can eradicate millions. Gone in the first five minutes, while searching for soy milk for her latte.

the blogger games


District 11 offers up inspirational blogger and author Daphine Glenn Robinson.  Dangerous Daph, as she’s known on the streets, has a direct line to God and isn’t afraid to use it.  That’s what makes her dangerous, folks. Bet on her for the win.


District 10 also offers up inspiration from the powerful Uneeka aka PowerMommy. Uneeka blogs at Powermommy Nation and can tweet messages so powerful and inspirational that you’ll think you can conquer the world. Looks like we might have an alliance forming between Uneeka and Daphine.  Kill em with kindness is their motto.  Key word: kill em.  She’s one to watch, folks.


District 9 sends the irreverent Liz Henry from The Six Year Itch.  Liz has a brain and is not afraid to use it.  Her rapier wit is almost as sharp as the Bowie knife she keeps in her bra. Not only did Liz volunteer, she knocked out two Peacekeepers running to the stage.  Odds are in her favor.

From District 8 comes the sweet and friendly Steph from Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom.  Friend to all and enemy to none, Steph is also part of the Kill em with Kindness alliance.  The two babies in the photo? Props. Also? She drank the soy milk that caused PammyPam’s demise.


What can we say about District 7?  They send Amy from Lady Readers Bookstuff.  Known to never watch the movie before reading the book, Amy is building a library. She can throw a book like a lethal weapon and you won’t see it coming. Her tattoos keep track of her victims. She’s one to watch.


District 6. Darla DeMorrow from HeartWork Organizing.  She’s a professional organizer so during the games she’ll be sure to alphabetize, organize and schedule everyone’s demise (hey it rhymes).  She may be a mole planted by Seneca Crane.


District 5. Dances La Vida Loca and shakes his bon bon all over the Games. Not favored to win, but so pretty.


District 4 is thrilled to send Rachee.  Pronounced Rah Shay.  They are thrilled to send her because no one understands what she’s saying when she quotes Jack Prelutsky’s TwaddleTuck Talk.  District 4’s tribute hopes to confuse her opponents for the WIN.  And if that doesn’t work, her knitting needles surely will.


Sarah from District 3 blogs at Chester County Mom and Montgomery County moms.  Sarah torments her opponents by filling up their calendars with so many fun family functions (love that alliteration?) that they are too busy to fight; thus leaving them defenseless.


District 2’s tribute is Steph from A Grande Life.  And that’s Grande (pronounced grahnd ey)  as in coffee size.  She’s pint sized and drinks coffee like it’s her job.  She’s the resident photographer so you’ll be sure to see every minute of Blogger Games bloodshed beautifully photographed.


District 1 proudly sends Jennifer from 5 Minutes for Books as their Blogger Games tribute.  Jennifer, from Texas, naturally packs a weapon; everyone in Texas does, right? So she’s definitely one you want to have on your team.  Don’t let that smile for you, folks; she’s deadly.


Well there you have it:  Twelve Tributes for the Blogger Games.

unconventional librarian

Who would YOU nominate for The Blogger Games?