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Gingerbread Castle by Donna Yates

I love when my friends write books!

I’d like to share a sweet HOLIDAY book (yep, it’s time) with you today.  The book is titled

Gingerbread Castle




You’ve been to two rooms; there’s three rooms of fun.
The Reading Room is the very last one.
Listen quietly and sit down,
or Ms. Owl will sport her favorite frown.

She’ll read a few books, so lay back and rest.
No need to fret. There’s never a test.
Is there a story you want her to tell?
Ms. Owl will know all the details.

Isn’t that delightful?

Reminiscent of the Night Before Christmas, this sweet (see what I did there?)

rhyme makes my mouth water as I read about the thick slices of gingerbread,

the sugared flowers, and the cute little teddy bears that look like Teddy Grahams.

Download this adorable story for your littles and it will sure to be a favorite for years to come.

Find my beloved Donna at

and you’ll understand why she is such a dear friend to me.

Do tell her I sent you

and who’s going to make me a Gingerbread Castle this holiday season?







Feed Your Reader: What’s On My Device?

Feed Your Reader: What’s On My Device?



Yep, it’s true friends, not only do I read paper copies of books, but I LOVE to read books on my device. Devices.  Multiple. Many.  There are so many ways to read a book, I want to make sure I’m never too far from one. Here’s what I read on:

  • Kobo
  • Macbook
  • Kindle app on Ipad
  • audiobooks in car
  • on iphone

I know, I’m completely OBSESSED with reading! Now that you know (you already knew, right?) that I read books on all platforms, here are a few books that are on my reader waiting to love me.

Stand Up to Bullying



F is for Feelings

F is for Feelings


Surviving Summer Vacation

on my iphone/Audible


and more (of course!)

Reviews to come this summer…

What’s on YOUR device?


Listen to a bestseller for $7.49 at!

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Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

I have had so much fun lately I hardly know where to begin! I’ve been reading a bunch of books by my new bestie and fellow teacher person, Julia Dweck! Jules, as only I can call her, writes books for the younger set and you know how happy that makes me! JuliaCollage.jpg   You know a kindred spirit when she has a cartoon avatar with a koala; swoon! So, Jules is a writer of children’s books.  They are available for your device and you’re just going to love them! One of my faves is Where are Dinos? A question I ask almost every day.

Where are the Dinosaurs?

If you’ve spent any time at all around little ones, I’m sure you’ve engaged in the dinosaur discussion. The little guy in this story wants to know where the dinosaurs shop, where they eat, where to go for dinner. They are logical questions any child might ask!

The next fun book is called Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep.  Poor Mary, that guy just won’t wake up!

Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep

So then, after I laughed with little Mary, I recognized myself in Faux Paw, a story of a little guy who wants to be a bear when he grows up.

faux paw

Fun, right? Who SAYS you can’t grow up to be a bear or a wolf?

And guess what?

Kid’s will LOVE the rhyme in some of the stories; I did!

Your littles will love these stories as much as I do. I can’t believe she has TWO pirate books in her repertoire and didn’t tell me?!

Visit Jules here:  and on her YouTube channel.  Who knows, you might see me on her channel one day..?


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Free Kindle Books Today!

Free Edgar Allen Poe!


If you’re like me, you love free things.

Especially free books! How about Edgar Allen Poe for free?

I know right?



What’s also great is that inside this particular edition is a free sample of Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen


Mrs. Poe is a fictionalized account of a relationship between an aspiring writer, and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allen Poe.

How cool does that sound?

Way cool.

I know right??

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Book Review – Past Lives #1: Rachel by Stephanie Abbott


Buy Now @ Amazon

Genre – Science Fiction & Fantasy / Mystery
Rating – PG13

Synopsis:  A near-fatal car crash unlocks memories from Rachel MacReady’s past life, dredging up secrets taken to the grave. And even as Rachel discovers the hidden power that is her birthright, she finds herself drawn to the reincarnates of two very different men. In that past life, both loved her. One might even have loved her to death…

*                                                                  *                                                              *

Reading Past Lives #1: Rachel by Stephanie Abbott was a first.  Let me first note that this book is  NOT a YA book, which I innocently thought it was.  As always, I believe it is up to the reader (or their parent) to decide if the work is suitable for their own teens. The rating is PG-13, which I assume, is  for mild sex scenes.

I first highlighted Past Lives #1: Rachel back in February as part of Orangeberry Book Tours.  As a bibliophile, I discovered that paranormal was a genre that I had little knowledge of, so I was excited to read it and the book did not disappoint!  I’ll admit I was a little confused in the beginning of the book trying to follow the story line as the author pops between modern day and Victorian era, but the quick action compelled me to carry on.  I carried on and soon became friends with the characters, engrossed in their lives and concerned about their issues. To be sure, I’m still a tiny bit confused between a TK, a PK, and the other types, but I’m sure after finishing the series I’ll be an expert.

I love when a plot is not too predictable as to be boring but yet not so twisted to demonstrate the overt cleverness of the author (I’m thinking Michael Chabon).  Abbott can tell a story, drawing out the details slowly enough to prevent you from putting the book (or Kindle) down.  I look forward to more in the series so I can get  to know Brannon, Josh, Zach, and of course the seemingly impenetrable Hayden.

Kudos for Abbott for bringing a surprise (to me) cultural pluralism to the book and including lesbians as protagonists!

I give this, my first official Kindle read, 3 paws.


Unconventional Librarian 3 paws