• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Book Review – Past Lives #1: Rachel by Stephanie Abbott



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Genre – Science Fiction & Fantasy / Mystery
Rating – PG13

Synopsis:  A near-fatal car crash unlocks memories from Rachel MacReady’s past life, dredging up secrets taken to the grave. And even as Rachel discovers the hidden power that is her birthright, she finds herself drawn to the reincarnates of two very different men. In that past life, both loved her. One might even have loved her to death…

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Reading Past Lives #1: Rachel by Stephanie Abbott was a first.  Let me first note that this book is  NOT a YA book, which I innocently thought it was.  As always, I believe it is up to the reader (or their parent) to decide if the work is suitable for their own teens. The rating is PG-13, which I assume, is  for mild sex scenes.

I first highlighted Past Lives #1: Rachel back in February as part of Orangeberry Book Tours.  As a bibliophile, I discovered that paranormal was a genre that I had little knowledge of, so I was excited to read it and the book did not disappoint!  I’ll admit I was a little confused in the beginning of the book trying to follow the story line as the author pops between modern day and Victorian era, but the quick action compelled me to carry on.  I carried on and soon became friends with the characters, engrossed in their lives and concerned about their issues. To be sure, I’m still a tiny bit confused between a TK, a PK, and the other types, but I’m sure after finishing the series I’ll be an expert.

I love when a plot is not too predictable as to be boring but yet not so twisted to demonstrate the overt cleverness of the author (I’m thinking Michael Chabon).  Abbott can tell a story, drawing out the details slowly enough to prevent you from putting the book (or Kindle) down.  I look forward to more in the series so I can get  to know Brannon, Josh, Zach, and of course the seemingly impenetrable Hayden.

Kudos for Abbott for bringing a surprise (to me) cultural pluralism to the book and including lesbians as protagonists!

I give this, my first official Kindle read, 3 paws.


Unconventional Librarian 3 paws