An Unconventional Librarian’s Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids


If you’re all things Nat Geo and wild animals like I am, you’ve got to check out this list of books for your little animal lover!


National Geographic Kids:

Just Joking Jumbo


Bet You Didn’t Know!


Hey Baby!


Ultimate Dinopedia

Children Non Fiction

Let’s Talk About Monkeyfarts

You know the old adage about never working on screen with children and animals, right?  Well every once in a while you have to break that rule in order to discuss important issues.

Thus is the case today where we discuss Quirk Books hilarious Monkeyfarts book! Monkeyfarts is a compilation of super silly animal jokes that only true kids at heart will love.  If you don’t like fart jokes then this isn’t the book for you; but if you’re still a 6 yr old inside then this is the title for you.

And speaking of 6 yr olds, I’m joined today by Camille.  We both LOVE Monkeyfarts so we decided to have our own little book club to discuss our fave book.

Take a look:



As you can see, Camille knows her Monkeyfarts jokes! Isn’t her smile to die for? Do you have a favorite Monkeyfarts joke? Or a favorite childhood joke?  Tell us in the comments!


P.S. Many thanks to Janeane of Janeane’s World for loaning me her child.

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Let’s Talk About Monkeyfarts!

Thanks to Quirk Books for sharing this fun book with us!