• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Let’s Talk About Monkeyfarts


You know the old adage about never working on screen with children and animals, right?  Well every once in a while you have to break that rule in order to discuss important issues.

Thus is the case today where we discuss Quirk Books hilarious Monkeyfarts book! Monkeyfarts is a compilation of super silly animal jokes that only true kids at heart will love.  If you don’t like fart jokes then this isn’t the book for you; but if you’re still a 6 yr old inside then this is the title for you.

And speaking of 6 yr olds, I’m joined today by Camille.  We both LOVE Monkeyfarts so we decided to have our own little book club to discuss our fave book.

Take a look:



As you can see, Camille knows her Monkeyfarts jokes! Isn’t her smile to die for? Do you have a favorite Monkeyfarts joke? Or a favorite childhood joke?  Tell us in the comments!


P.S. Many thanks to Janeane of Janeane’s World for loaning me her child.