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#BEA and New York City Here I Come!

I’m so happy to announce that I’m attending BEA this year! What’s BEA you ask?  BEA, or Book Expo America, is the biggest, most ginormously fun book conference on the planet!


BEA is THE conference to attend in the book industry; everyone and anyone who likes books is there.  So you’ll have book bloggers, book sellers, librarians, authors, book publishers, book illustrators, coffee (goes with books), reporters, and more from all over the world to discuss books.  I went last year and had the time of my life.  As you’ll see from the collage below, there isn’t anything I didn’t do, except sleep much!


I’d like to thank Thien-Kim of I’m Not the Nanny and Rachee of Say it Rah Shay for tolerating me last year.  Kim and Rachee and I are in the From Left To Write, an online book club so we knew each other going into the trip. Rachee and I are in the Philly area and I stalk see her as much as I can.   Fun fact #1: Rachee is a real live librarian who works in a library!  Fun fact #2: I’m a certified librarian, but I work in a bookstore!

So anyway, you can see from the collage that the three of us met everyone, took every book, and met every challenge that was presented to us!

I expect this year to be no different: I’ve got a full agenda lined up and I hope to meet some new book blogging friends, learn about some new books, and maybe make some new connections.

My dance card is filling up so if you want to get next to me while I’m in New York, leave a message down below, I love making new friends!

Adult Fiction Books Clever Friends Reviews

Clever Heather Reviews Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

There are two things I love in this world: Clever Heather and Jennifer Weiner.  Clever Heather, my bestie from Real: Kitchen and Beyond,  is back to bring you a book review by Jennifer Weiner, my summer bestie.  See how clever I am working that in there? This time, Clever Heather reviews Then Came You.

In “Then Came You”, Jennifer Weiner tells a tale of 4 women with lives that couldn’t be much more different than each other, being woven together through one baby. Jennifer uses her personal life in Philadelphia and with Princeton University to draw the setting of her story.

Throughout the book we journey through the lives of these four women. We meet Annie, a housewife who dreams of something more. As her family struggles, she feels there is something she needs to do to help their family. The choice she makes threatens to tear apart their family. We meet Bettina, a spoiled little rich girl who longs for yesterday, a life where her parents are still together and they live a picture perfect life. We learn the heartbreak of Jules, a girl who wants it all and hides herself so well. Her pain of a young life torn apart by drugs and tragedy, she fights to find her place. Finally, we meet India, a woman whose facade hides so much. From rags to riches, filled with lies and deceit, what lies behind her pretty face? Each woman’s journey twists and turns with coming of age, enlightenment, and hardships. Will they ever find the freedom to be who they have been hiding deep inside?

Through these four women, Jennifer weaves a story with one common thread, precious innocent little Rory who will bring them all together, help them see who they were meant to be. And with Rory, comes a story of forgiveness and acceptance as each woman finds that her future relies on dealing with her past.

Whether you are a housewife who dreams of bigger things, a college girl afraid to embrace all you can be, or a woman who fears life has passed you by, there is a message for you in this story – don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly.

I highly recommend you check out “Then Came You” by Jennifer Weiner, and make sure to read the extra short story she added to the back of the book. I do suggest reading it before giving it to your (older) teenage daughter to read as it has some material that could make for good discussion between mother and daughter on life and growing up.

I give this book 3 paws.

Unconventional Librarian 3 paws





I’d like to thank Clever Heather for the book review and wish you Happy Holidays!

Adult Fiction

My Bestie Jennifer Weiner and Halloween!

As you all know, PammyPam loves Jennifer Weiner! We ‘met’ at BEA and she’s been begging me to be her bestie ever since!  I was happy and thrilled when she announced her new e-short story just in time for Halloween.

The short is called Memoir of Grief. Here’s what they’re saying about it:

Artists have their appetites. This is what Ellie King would tell herself when discovering lacy panties in the backseat of her husband Gerry’s Cadillac, when Gerry was too self-involved to embrace their only son, or when he insisted on summers in the Hamptons and bespoke suits from London when, in fact, as critics pointed out, his once thriving writing career was past its prime, and they were buried in debt.

Yet, Ellie tried her best to portray the charmed, whimsical life she had dreamt of since her days as an English major at Wellesley College — the kind of life a sophisticated literary couple should be leading: chauffeured soirees, nostalgic trips to Europe, cozy evenings filled with cups of strong black espresso. The skeletons that Gerry King harbored in his closet were known by only one other person: Ellie. And she wanted to keep it this way. She had given up everything for him.

However, when Gerry dies of cancer, he leaves something behind that would expose all of their dirty secrets; something that would jeopardize the mask that Ellie worked so hard to front. And when it gets into the wrong hands, Ellie is forced to do the unthinkable…

In A Memoir of Grief (Continued), Jennifer Weiner exposes a woman’s world of shattered dreams and raises an intriguing question: How far would you go to protect your pride?

Jennifer Weiner was voted #14 on Time magazine’s list of “140 Best Twitter Feeds.” Placing hers among the feeds that are “shaping the conversation,” the magazine celebrated her “must-read” live Bachelor tweets, noting that “rarely has there been such an ideal pairing of material and writer.” This past summer, she live-tweeted “The Bachelor” for Entertainment Weekly’s more than two million followers. She continues to write for the Huffington Post and on her own blog at, which now has over 1.5 million visitors a month. She can also be found on Facebook, and, in real life, Philadelphia, where she lives with her family. She is currently working on a non-fiction collection of essays.


Aaaaand because I know you love a good party, I thought you might want a sneak peek.

So here it is…

She’s never looked better,” Peter Schmidt said to his boy of the moment,
from a corner of the kitchen.

Ellie was in the hallway, her little dog Duncan trotting briskly at her
heels, two trash bags in her hands, filled with the leavings of her husband’s
memorial party: empty tinfoil trays that had once held kugel and lasagna,
miniature bagels, whitefish salad, lox. She shouldn’t have been able to hear
anything from the kitchen, but, after forty years in their apartment—my
apartment, her mind amended; even with Gerald six weeks gone she found
herself continually working to remember that the apartment on the Upper
East Side, with its spacious living room that overlooked the park and its
dingy kitchen that overlooked an air shaft, was her apartment now, or would
be, for as long as she could afford it—she knew the acoustics well. There
were corners of the living room where you could hear everything in the
guest bedroom; from the master bathroom you could listen in on every word
uttered in the front hall.

“Death becomes her?” That was Peter’s boy—or rather the boy Peter was
chasing, a literary agent named Simms Downing, slim-hipped and graceful,
his hair in a neat ponytail and his eyes dark as river-wet granite stones, all of
twenty-seven to Peter’s sixty-two. People had known exactly what was going
on after Peter, the editor of Paradigm Press, whose longtime companion of
thirty years had died of a heart attack the year before—had started paying
six-figure advances for every proposal the handsome young agent had
brought him, including a collection of free-verse poetry and cocktail napkin
doodles by the not-famous bass player in a once-famous band.

How cool does THAT sound?  Very, right?  You can pre-order now on:, Apple iBooks,, and Simon & Schuster. A Memoir of Grief (Continued) continues in the now-annual tradition of Jennifer’s Halloween short stories, following last year’s bestselling Recalculating.

Happy Halloween from my bestie and me!


Adult Fiction Books Reviews

The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner

I chose The Next Best Thing by Jen Weiner to read on my vacation for various reasons. You might remember a blog post asking for help choosing a book to accompany me to Aruba along with this little baby.

I have enjoyed this little baby ginormously. It is the perfect little beach read. Upon my return you will find sand, coffee, mojito and sunblock stains in this little treasure. I rarely read chick lit, but I must remind you that I feel that chick lit has a place in my library or any library. Just like candy and donuts, they are a lovely treat. I wouldn’t make a healthy diet living on chocolate sprinkled donuts but oh wow are they a great treat once in a while! I usually eat 6 or 7 in a row then I’m done.

I treat chick lit the same way. Usually in the summer, I gorge myself on chick lit. It’s my secret obsession (no more )just like donuts! I find one author and read many of her books until I’m full. I’ll admit my Jen Weiner shrine has grown since I picked up her first Turkish delight (Good in Bed) many years ago. I’ve since read all of Bridget Jones type books as well as the yummy shopaholic tasties.

What? Someone as erudite as Pammypam can’t have fun while reading? I believe in it! Life is too short to read a book that’s like homework. But you should also, try to add more meat and veggies into your diet. All work and no play, and all, right? Right, so now you know that I love donuts and also a good beach read. It’s good for the soul And makes you feel good.

Reading a fun book shores me up for all the serious reading I get to do during the rest of the year.

Here are a pic of me and Jen.

Adult Fiction Books resources

Vacation Reads and Help me choose!

As much as PammyPam likes to work hard, she also likes to play hard.  And because all this hard ness, I need to go on vacation.  To be sure, anyone who has children knows that being a mother on vacation is still work. But whatever, I’ll take what I can get. So, I will be relaxing hard while on vaca.

To be sure I’ll be relaxing, I’m taking a few books. But this are my secret indulgences: chick lit.  What? Someone as erudite and literary as PammyPam reads chick lit? SURE DO! And you know why? Because its fun and makes me feel all squishy nice, like donuts.  And while you cant live healthily on donuts its fun to splurge every once in while and eat 7 or 8. Oh wait, that’s me.  Anyway, you get my point.  I’m going to be on a beach, under a palapa for Pete’s sake, I don’t wanna hafta read Kafka. Oh wait, been there done that. I mean Dostoevsky. War and Peace.  You get it. I want a fun, light read, not a tome that will up my baggage fee.

So. Where was I?


Here’s what I’m taking with me:

Jennifer Babelicious Weiner‘s newest book The Next Best Thing.

And why am I taking this magnum opus?

1. Because it looks FUN

2. Because I can totally see myself sipping a drinky poo under a palapa devouring this little lovely

3. Because Jennifer Babelicious Weiner sent me a SIGNED autographed copy because I cried like a baby at BEA (my story and I’m sticking to it)

4. Because that’s ME in the bathing suit on the cover. Those of you who know me, hush.





The next literary gem I’m taking on vaca?

Those We Love by Lee Woodruff

I chose this cutie because I had the good fortune to meet Lee Woodruff at BEA.

I rocked her world and we became besties like Rachel and Monica.


I did meet her.






And now to the business:

I plan on taking one more book to (oopsie I almost told you where I was going on vaca) read on my vacation. I like to have choices.

Please help me choose one more book to read, wouldja?

Leave your suggestion in the comments.

There will be a dumb cool prize!

Contest ends June 20th at 9pm.