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Carly Keene, Literary Detective

Carly Keene

Carly Keene, Literary Detective: Braving the Brontes


Mist crept in over the ocean and flowed over the little island.

I love opening lines of a book. They can make or break it for me. This one is AWESOME. And if you’re like me, you love reading books and imagining yourself within the pages of the book. Our two heroines, Carly and Francesca, are no different.  Imagine finding yourself living with the Bronte sisters; how fun would that be?

Way fun. I think.

Carly Keene is a twelve-year-old from Alaska who has always longed for adventure. She gets her wish when she is transported back to 1846 and finds herself living with the Bronte family in England. There is a mystery surrounding the Bronte sisters, and until she solves it Carly is stuck in the past. Will adventure be what she thought it would be? Will she ever get home?

Sounds great, right? Best line in a book:

I want to read all the books!”

“Yeah, all the books!” agreed Francesca

I couldn’t agree more.



Literature for Babies: Baby Lit

I recently received two adorable books in the mail. They are part of the BabyLit series:  “BabyLit is a fashionable way to introduce your child to the world of classic literature.  Visit for more information.”  I strongly believe that even the littlest of babies can enjoy books so these BabyLit books were a perfect choice.

I thought it would be fun to show whether the littles enjoyed these books or not.  The following are photos of me reading to babies 12 -18 months old.

Here I am presenting the title.  I’ve caught the attention of two little ones.

Unconventional Librarian reads Jane Eyre









Then as you can see little Miss Sophia is trying to upstage me!  Never work with kids and dogs, right?

Unconventional Librarian reading Jane Eyre

But I can’t help myself. Finally, she gets a copy of the book for herself.

Unconventional Librarian showing a baby Jane Eyre

She’s opening it upside down, but that’s ok! She’s getting a feel for how books look and feel. She’s finished with Jane Eyre.  What will she choose next?

Unconventional Librarian and baby reading Jane Eyre

Let’s see…

Unconventional Librarian reads Alice in Wonderland

I think it’s Alice in Wonderland by Little Master Carroll!

As you can see, the BabyLit books were a hit with my little ones! I highly recommend these books as the illustrations are beautiful and contagious enough for little ones to enjoy yet older children can follow along a little more closely for a more in-depth reading.

I give these books four paws!








Books In My Mailbox

Whats in my Mailbox

In My Mailbox is a party hosted by The Story Siren   and we all know how much Pammy Pam loves parties!

Today’s party, however, is attended by Bailey, my Book Page.

Bailey wants to tell you two things:

  1. he’s sorry he barked at the mail man and
  2. he’s excited about several interesting reads that came this week

The first two books are part of a classic books for brilliant babies series:

Little Miss Bronte, Jane Eyre

Unconventional Librarian

and Little Master Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Unconventional Librarian

I can’t wait to break into these and read them to my littles!


for some book club fun:

Signs of Life by Natalie Taylor

unconventional librarian

which is the April selection of From Left to Write Book Club


unconventional librarian

The April book selection for the GR8books Book club.

Check back later for my reviews!