• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Carly Keene, Literary Detective


Carly Keene

Carly Keene, Literary Detective: Braving the Brontes


Mist crept in over the ocean and flowed over the little island.

I love opening lines of a book. They can make or break it for me. This one is AWESOME. And if you’re like me, you love reading books and imagining yourself within the pages of the book. Our two heroines, Carly and Francesca, are no different.  Imagine finding yourself living with the Bronte sisters; how fun would that be?

Way fun. I think.

Carly Keene is a twelve-year-old from Alaska who has always longed for adventure. She gets her wish when she is transported back to 1846 and finds herself living with the Bronte family in England. There is a mystery surrounding the Bronte sisters, and until she solves it Carly is stuck in the past. Will adventure be what she thought it would be? Will she ever get home?

Sounds great, right? Best line in a book:

I want to read all the books!”

“Yeah, all the books!” agreed Francesca

I couldn’t agree more.