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The Curse of the Bridal Chamber by @YeahHunter is My JAM!!

Yall, run to your local bookstore, online store, resident hoarder, or wherever you get books and get this book NOW. Go ‘head. I’ll wait.


There. Did’ja get it? Now, here’s what is so AWESOME about this book. Read a little blurb:

The indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida. When Imogene and her brood, including Goose the bulldog, encounter a dead body floating in the freshwater springs beneath their glass-bottom boat, the local police immediately arrest one of the Alabama visitors for the crime.

Now the aging amateur crime solver must exonerate her own family, but unearthing a killer among the park’s past and present mermaids and employees promises to be no easy task, since so many of them are thrilled that the victim is sleeping with the fishes. And a decades-old curse that has deposited more than one dead body in the Bridal Chamber spring now seems focused on Imogene and her kin, who are wading into dangerous waters indeed. Witty and colorful, The Curse of the Bridal Chamber will keep you enthralled until the final surprising revelation.

So, Imogene is like 70 and her sister is older. But these two rascals don’t let their age get in the way. When I get to be that age I want to be as bad ass as them! These old broads have southern spunk, charm, and family pride that will make you cry from laughing so hard.  The best bit about this book is that two of the characters are gay, but it’s not the driving motivation of the story. They just happen to be that way. It doesn’t detract from the story and it’s in no way in appropriate. It’s good, clean, fun! Heck, even the cursing is cleaner than I’ve seen in recent YA books, although this isn’t targeted to YA.  Mild violence, but again, seen worse from middle grade books.

Imogene, and I believe the correct Southern pronunciation is I as in eye, mo- geen, will be your next favorite read. It’s perfect for EVERYONE!

Totally calling myself Maw Maw when I’m an older person. Heck I think I’d like to be called it now.  Total Diversity Reading Challenge material.

Did I mention MERMAIDS??


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Let’s Talk About Monkeyfarts

You know the old adage about never working on screen with children and animals, right?  Well every once in a while you have to break that rule in order to discuss important issues.

Thus is the case today where we discuss Quirk Books hilarious Monkeyfarts book! Monkeyfarts is a compilation of super silly animal jokes that only true kids at heart will love.  If you don’t like fart jokes then this isn’t the book for you; but if you’re still a 6 yr old inside then this is the title for you.

And speaking of 6 yr olds, I’m joined today by Camille.  We both LOVE Monkeyfarts so we decided to have our own little book club to discuss our fave book.

Take a look:



As you can see, Camille knows her Monkeyfarts jokes! Isn’t her smile to die for? Do you have a favorite Monkeyfarts joke? Or a favorite childhood joke?  Tell us in the comments!


P.S. Many thanks to Janeane of Janeane’s World for loaning me her child.