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Pretty Minnie In Paris by Danielle Steel

I love Danielle Steel’s new book Pretty Minnie in Paris!

Pretty Minnie

I love it so much we decided to host a tea party with Minnie. It was so FABULOUS!

pretty minnie Collage

Have you read this new book? What do you think?

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Have you seen my #scarfie during #scarvember from Uncommon Goods?

What’s better than a warm scarf on a chilly November day?

A literary scarf with the words from Alice in Wonderland, that’s what! Check out my #scarfie (which is a selfie with a scarf) that I took during a recent #scarfvember post.

uncommon goods scarf


Isn’t that scarf adorbs?? The very literary and smart folks from Uncommon Goods thought that I might could ROCK this scarf. What do you think of it? The day after it came, I rocked it at the bookstore. All the ladies I work with were so JELLY!!! They wanted to hold it and touch it and read it and HAVE it!

And besides, who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? I mean, I’m practically the Mad Hatter, right? (I DO the tea parties, remember?)

Here’s another tidblit I learned about Uncommon Goods: they perform a lot of goodwill, which makes me happy. You know how much I love books, so I was over the moon when I learned that they support “Reach Out and Read’s thousands of doctors and nurses promote early literacy, language skills, and school readiness to young children and their families in all 50 states.” You know how I love to get books in the hands of kids, right?

As you lay in bed in the middle of the night pinning items to your Christmas pinboard, why not pin a few items from these links here (I’m eyeing the unicorn coffee mug), here (did you notice the upcycled cashmere scarf?, and here (library card socks!!).

You’re welcome. All your holiday shopping is done.

Get your Wuthering Heights scarf. All the Goth kids love it. ahahhahaa

Get it? Goth. Wuthering Heights?

Pin now, buy soon.





Book Review: Without Saying a Word by Monica Barnett

You may not know this about your fave librarian, but I love clothes and fashion! I love to shop and and I’m always looking to  find just the right crisp white blouse. Naturally, I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger but you may remember my #scarfvember meme back in November. I wear lots of scarves because I get cold easily and it’s a quick way to add a dash of something to your outfit.  I even wear them in the summer!


Wearing a scarf with my beloved Bailey, who is not pleased to pose for a selfie.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting my stylist Monica Barnett, at a conference in DC (PowerUp by the powerful PowerMommy aka Uneeka Jay). Monica’s session was about style and I was hooked on her.  I subscribed to her updates and every month she sends me a tailored ‘what’s hip’ email; my style is Savvy Sophisticate, dontcha know?  Eventually, like all style mavens are wont to do, she published a fashion book.  It’s called Without Saying a Word.


Without Saying a Word

Monica is fierce about everything she does. I agree that she’s spot on about her fashion trends, except we will disagree about shoes.  She loves them high and with my bad feet (ick I sound like a granny) I need comfy.  Sadly, my fierce high heel wearing days are over; which may be why I have such foot problems now, but ick! let’s stop talking about feet, ok?

Anyway, Monica is fierce about fashion. Her conversational tone makes you feel like you are sharing a drinky poo with her after work while chatting fashion.  I must warn you though, Monica does not play.  She WILL call you out if you look like a goober in your fashion sense. Only because she knows that it is so easy to look good.  She totally called me out in person cuz I said I didn’t like to wear dresses.  Little did I know that the next year I would don a dress at least once a month to serve up children’s tea parties at the bookstore. I “may” have worn a dress to work on other days as well. But SHHHHHHH don’t you dare tell Monica.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good dose of real talk and a dash of spice, hook up with Monica.  Her site is called Blueprint for Style  and you can sign up to be a B style member like I did. She’s on Facebook too!

When you hook up with her, tell her PammyPam sent you!


Hotlight Spotlight: Gold in the Days of Summer by Susan Pogorzelski



Do you remember how you felt in the summer?  What about the summer when you were 12?  Let’s further complicate that memory by remembering the summer of 1979.

Yep, 1979.  That would be the 70s.  Bad fashion at it’s height.  I’m talking the polyester tangerine jumpsuit with the feather attached to the zipper; topped off with wooden/leather clogs.

Oh wait, that was just me.

Let me introduce you to Annie.  Her problems are much more important than my trivial polyester jumpsuit.

She’d planned her entire school vacation in the early days of spring, but the summer of 1979 doesn’t turn out to be what 12 year old Annie expected: her best friend is away at camp, Connor Bartlett barely notices her anymore, and her family, trying to protect her from the reality of her grandmother’s illness, only seem to further isolate her.

Struggling to navigate the crossroads of young adulthood, Annie turns to an unlikely confidant: a reclusive young veteran at war with his own past.

As the summer days pass and her 13th birthday edges closer, Annie discovers that growing up has little to do with age and everything to do with letting go and moving on.

Yep, being a pre teen is difficult.  And when you’re grandma is dying, it’s no fun.  Especially if you don’t have your bestie around to help you through the ordeal.  I love coming of age stories because it makes you grateful to be an adult.  Plus, it’s so lovely to see kids discover their inner strength and how they handle the adversity they’re put in.

Let’s do something even more fun, ok?  Let’s think back to when we were 12 going on 13 (channeling that song from “The Sound of Music”) and channel the fashion police in all of us.  Let’s  have an Annie’s Fashion Pin Party!

Let’s pin clothes to our Annie’s Fashion Pin Party board that either:

  1. you had to wear when you were 12 or 13 OR
  2. you wish you had worn when you were 12 or 13 (current or past fashion is encouraged)


One of the fashion items I have in common with Annie is the love of sneakers.  To be sure, I don’t recall wearing sneakers outside of gym class until I was in college; and then I discovered Chuck Taylors.  And any of you who’ve met me in person have prolly seen me in red or white chucks.  Like these…


Chuck Ts!


Follow Annie’s boards on Pinterest here.

Pin to Annie’s Fashion Pin Party here.

Leave a comment or tweet me (@Pamlovesbooks) to get added to the board for the party.

Don’t forget your disco ball!




Checking in for #Scarfvember; How’s your scarf work?

It’s your midweek #scarfvember check up!



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Scarfvember is Coming! #30dayscarfchallenge

Scarfvember is Coming!

Don’t let October and December have all the fun

Let’s celebrate Scarfvember, which is like November,

But with SCARVES!

scarfchallengeWanna play? Here’s what you do:

  • Wear a scarf every day in November
  • Snap that pic
  • Hashtag it #30dayscarfchallenge
  • Instagram it (tag me @Pamlovesbook)
  • Link it up (optional)
  • Must wear a scarf every single day to qualify (super secret book prize)
  • Show us your scarf style and how you ROCK A SCARF!

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