Don’t Forget DEXTER! by Lindsay Ward is so Cauuuuuute! and #GIVEAWAY

Don’t Forget DEXTER!

Dexter T Rexter might be the cauuuuuutest T-Rex I’ve ever met! And sadly, I would be devastated if he were mine and got separated from me. But you know what, that’s exactly what happens in this adorbs story. Poor Dexter gets left behind in the doctor’s office waiting room. He’s sure his best buddy would never leave him behind on purpose so he sets out to figure out what happened and then tries to help himself get rescued.

The illustrations are multidimensional and so clever. I love love love this story. No spoiling the ending either, so you’ll hafta find out for yourself what happens.

PS you’ll be singing the dinosaur song all day!


Lindsay Ward was inspired to write this book after her husband texted her a photo of a toy dinosaur abandoned at a doctor’s office. The caption read: “Well, they left me here.” Lindsay thought it was so funny that she sat down to write Dexter’s story immediately. She is also the author and illustrator of Brobarians, Henry Finds His Word, and When Blue Met Egg. Her book Please Bring Balloons was also made into a play.
Most days you can find Lindsay writing and sketching at her home in Peninsula, Ohio, where she lives with her family. Learn more about her online at  or on Twitter: @lindsaymward.
★ “Ward’s ink, colored-pencil, and cut-paper illustrations give readers a toy’s view of the world and allow children to stomp in Dexter’s feet for a while, his facial expressions giving them lots of clues to his feelings. Lost and found was never so riotously funny or emotionally draining.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“Ward (Brobarians) is as funny as ever as she chronicles her orange hero’s nervous, no-filter state of mind, and her cut-paper, pencil, and ink drawings—with their visual asides, annotations, and shifts in scale—are irrepressible. It’s high anxiety made highly adorable.” —Publishers Weekly
Check out some fun activities here!
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Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

I have had so much fun lately I hardly know where to begin! I’ve been reading a bunch of books by my new bestie and fellow teacher person, Julia Dweck! Jules, as only I can call her, writes books for the younger set and you know how happy that makes me! JuliaCollage.jpg   You know a kindred spirit when she has a cartoon avatar with a koala; swoon! So, Jules is a writer of children’s books.  They are available for your device and you’re just going to love them! One of my faves is Where are Dinos? A question I ask almost every day.

Where are the Dinosaurs?

If you’ve spent any time at all around little ones, I’m sure you’ve engaged in the dinosaur discussion. The little guy in this story wants to know where the dinosaurs shop, where they eat, where to go for dinner. They are logical questions any child might ask!

The next fun book is called Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep.  Poor Mary, that guy just won’t wake up!

Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep

So then, after I laughed with little Mary, I recognized myself in Faux Paw, a story of a little guy who wants to be a bear when he grows up.

faux paw

Fun, right? Who SAYS you can’t grow up to be a bear or a wolf?

And guess what?

Kid’s will LOVE the rhyme in some of the stories; I did!

Your littles will love these stories as much as I do. I can’t believe she has TWO pirate books in her repertoire and didn’t tell me?!

Visit Jules here:  and on her YouTube channel.  Who knows, you might see me on her channel one day..?


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In Which Author Brian Rowe writes a love letter to An Unconventional Librarian. sorta

Brian Rowe write a book called Over the Rainbow, which we highlighted recently, here.  He loved me so much for highlighting his new book that he wrote a love letter to me in which he raves about my intellectual prowess and the beauty of my brain.
Not really.  What he did write, however, was a post describing how he got to be a self published author.  And about dinosaurs.  And really? The only things that trump dinosaurs are pirates and cake, so I’m sure this will be an enjoyable book.
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Over the Rainbow marks my ninth self-published novel. I love the control I have over my work in self-publishing, and no book I’ve ever written has needed as much control as Over the Rainbow. This is a book that incorporates science fiction, fantasy, action adventure, and coming of age; it’s a book that deals with lesbianism, the rapture, The Wizard of Oz, and dinosaurs. I queried agents with this book between August 2012 and March 2013, and even those who liked it said that the book would never see the light of day without some of the creative elements of the book being toned down a little, or eliminated completely. One agent, for example, told me I should cut out the dinosaurs. I knew from the beginning Over the Rainbow was going to be a difficult book to sell to agents and publishers, and in the end, I decided it was best with this one, probably more than any book I’ve written, to ultimately go the self-publishing route.
I’ve self-published many young adult books before, including the Happy Birthday to Me trilogy, but I’ve never written a book I care about more than Over the Rainbow, and this time, I really wanted to do it right. Not only have I pulled out all the stops with the marketing of the book, and worked hard to make sure the book had a beautiful cover, I’ve done all I can to ensure the manuscript is the best it can be. Many are wary of self-published books because they’ve been burned before, with so many typos and inconsistencies in the text. But such is not the case with my new book. Not only have I done ten full drafts, twice the amount I usually do, but Over the Rainbow has been professionally edited by a traditionally published author, and copyedited by two different professional copyeditors. I’ve worked tirelessly night and day for the last few months in making sure the book reads just as professionally as would a traditionally published novel. The reader, every time out, deserves only the best.
Over the Rainbow is coming out Tuesday, August 6th, and it’s the first book I’ve self-published that will be appearing on five different platforms—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBookstore, and CreateSpace. For too long I stayed exclusive to Amazon, and this summer I decided to branch out to all the various platforms customers use to read their books. I’ve never been, and am still not, against traditional publishing, and will start querying my next young adult novel Magic Hour later this year. But self-publishing should never be looked at as a last resort. It is a viable option for all authors, and can be loads of fun. And in the case of Over the Rainbow, it proved to be the best route to go.
I’ll be sure to read my copy on my kobo mini.
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It’s Monday! Here’s what I’m Reading…

Happy Monday wherever you are! if you’re celebrating Cyber Monday, I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

Why not take a shopping break and read a book?

Here’s what I’m reading today:

There were Dinosaurs Everywhere by Howard Temperly

Here’s a sneak peak inside:

Long before my day and yours
The world was full of dinosaurs,
And where today our houses stand
Herds of them would roam the land,
From East to West and North to South,
From mountain top to river mouth,
Splashing about in river pools
Where now stand office blocks and schools,
Strutting about on springy legs,
Building nests and laying eggs,
From the Arctic Circle to Peru,
And all around the Equator too,
On land and sea and in the air,
There were dinosaurs everywhere….


a rhyming book about dinosaurs!

Check back here on the 28th for a special treat that might involve stinky feet!

Ok I know that was a horrible rhyme…

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hows that? (wink wink)

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