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An Unconventional Librarian Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner (eek!) and now’s the time to start thinking about gifts for the bibliophile on your list.  I’m compiling my list and I’m checking it twice, making sure Santa knows what book goes to which lucky reader.
An Unconventional Librarian Holiday Gift Guide
I am now curating books in the following categories:
Cookbooks make great gifts: aka cookbooks for the terrible cook (COOKBOOKS)
Books Dad wants but doesn’t know it (HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, ROCK AND ROLL)
Books that will keep the little ones busy on Christmas morning and out of Mom’s hair (MIDDLE GRADE AND PICTURE BOOKS)
Books Mom will curl up under the blanket and enjoy: aka Mommy’s Day off! (CHICK LIT, MYSTERY, POP FICTION)
Book related items: bookmarks, book themed clothes, jewelry, etc.
Want your title in this list? Email me at [email protected] SUBJECT: 2015 Holiday gift Guide
2015 Diversity Reading Challenge Books

How to Pack Books for Your Vacation

It’s Summer!!! Now’s the time to get serious about your relaxing. But wait a minute, what will you read on YOUR vacation?? You can’t leave you summer reads to chance. You gotta take some serious thought to how you will fit all those books in your suitcase, right?


Oopsies, well that might not be your suitcase, but THAT’S where you’ll be wanting to relax with a smoothie and a book, right?

So. How many books do you pack?

I like to pack 3 books.


As you can see, there’s just one book packed in there. Not three. It’s an example people, work with me here!

So. I like to pack 3 books. The first book I pack goes in my carryon with me. I need quick access to a book because I start reading at the airport while waiting in line to be tortured by TSA. It should be moderately interesting.

Your 2nd and third books are the keys to vacation success.

The second book should be the one you just can’t put down! Looooooong stretches poolside are gobbled up by getting lost in a book. Whatever your genre is, THAT is your book. The one you’ve been LONGING to read.

Your third book should be an easier book. You’ll be wrapping up your vacation and so you don’t want anything too heavy cuz you’ll prolly be packing and easily distracted and you don’t want to hafta try to keep up with a heavy story. Plus, if you doze on on the plane, you won’t struggle too hard to find your place. Aaaaaand if you’re not digging the book so much you can always leave it somewhere for someone else to treasure!

So, this year’s vacation I struggled. I had planned to take 3 books, but my husband packed too many sundresses and there wasnt enough room for three books. Plus, I didn’t want to take my iPad (which I normally take) which contains like, a skajillion books. Big mistake. I only had two books, folks. And come Wednesday I was scared that I would run out of books.

What does any good bibliophile do when she runs out of books?

She runs to the bookstore!!

Thank goodness for Books and Books on Lincoln Road in Miami, baby!


BUY!!! ALL!!! THE!!! BOOKS!!!!

just kidding. I just bought one. After I interrogated every bookseller there; cuz let’s face it. Reading preferences change regionally and there might be a book I’d not considered reading, right?

And voila! An Unnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine.

Love!!!!! it!!!!

And? It happens to fit into the 2015 Diversity Reading Challenge! How’s that? Our heroine is from Beirut! I suspect the author might be from that region as well. I haven’t looked him up yet.

Of course, I’m not a big fan of reading electronic devices at the pool or beach, cuz I’m clumsy and spill stuff. But hey, if you trust yourself around a body of water with an expensive electronic device then more power to YA.

Plus if that’s the case, then you don’t need three books. Cuz, well, you prolly have like 3 million books on your device, like I do.



Adult Fiction Books Reviews

The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner

I chose The Next Best Thing by Jen Weiner to read on my vacation for various reasons. You might remember a blog post asking for help choosing a book to accompany me to Aruba along with this little baby.

I have enjoyed this little baby ginormously. It is the perfect little beach read. Upon my return you will find sand, coffee, mojito and sunblock stains in this little treasure. I rarely read chick lit, but I must remind you that I feel that chick lit has a place in my library or any library. Just like candy and donuts, they are a lovely treat. I wouldn’t make a healthy diet living on chocolate sprinkled donuts but oh wow are they a great treat once in a while! I usually eat 6 or 7 in a row then I’m done.

I treat chick lit the same way. Usually in the summer, I gorge myself on chick lit. It’s my secret obsession (no more )just like donuts! I find one author and read many of her books until I’m full. I’ll admit my Jen Weiner shrine has grown since I picked up her first Turkish delight (Good in Bed) many years ago. I’ve since read all of Bridget Jones type books as well as the yummy shopaholic tasties.

What? Someone as erudite as Pammypam can’t have fun while reading? I believe in it! Life is too short to read a book that’s like homework. But you should also, try to add more meat and veggies into your diet. All work and no play, and all, right? Right, so now you know that I love donuts and also a good beach read. It’s good for the soul And makes you feel good.

Reading a fun book shores me up for all the serious reading I get to do during the rest of the year.

Here are a pic of me and Jen.

Adult Fiction Books resources

Vacation Reads and Help me choose!

As much as PammyPam likes to work hard, she also likes to play hard.  And because all this hard ness, I need to go on vacation.  To be sure, anyone who has children knows that being a mother on vacation is still work. But whatever, I’ll take what I can get. So, I will be relaxing hard while on vaca.

To be sure I’ll be relaxing, I’m taking a few books. But this are my secret indulgences: chick lit.  What? Someone as erudite and literary as PammyPam reads chick lit? SURE DO! And you know why? Because its fun and makes me feel all squishy nice, like donuts.  And while you cant live healthily on donuts its fun to splurge every once in while and eat 7 or 8. Oh wait, that’s me.  Anyway, you get my point.  I’m going to be on a beach, under a palapa for Pete’s sake, I don’t wanna hafta read Kafka. Oh wait, been there done that. I mean Dostoevsky. War and Peace.  You get it. I want a fun, light read, not a tome that will up my baggage fee.

So. Where was I?


Here’s what I’m taking with me:

Jennifer Babelicious Weiner‘s newest book The Next Best Thing.

And why am I taking this magnum opus?

1. Because it looks FUN

2. Because I can totally see myself sipping a drinky poo under a palapa devouring this little lovely

3. Because Jennifer Babelicious Weiner sent me a SIGNED autographed copy because I cried like a baby at BEA (my story and I’m sticking to it)

4. Because that’s ME in the bathing suit on the cover. Those of you who know me, hush.





The next literary gem I’m taking on vaca?

Those We Love by Lee Woodruff

I chose this cutie because I had the good fortune to meet Lee Woodruff at BEA.

I rocked her world and we became besties like Rachel and Monica.


I did meet her.






And now to the business:

I plan on taking one more book to (oopsie I almost told you where I was going on vaca) read on my vacation. I like to have choices.

Please help me choose one more book to read, wouldja?

Leave your suggestion in the comments.

There will be a dumb cool prize!

Contest ends June 20th at 9pm.