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Make it Stay – TLC Book Tour

I am thrilled to be a TLC Book Tour Host

and this month I am hosting

Make it Stay by Joan Frank!

For this title, I contained my thoughts in a video review.

Please bear with me as I learn to better control my facial movements.

Better yet, close your eyes while you listen…

Did I just say 3 stars?

I meant 3 paws!

Unconventional Librarian 3 paws

Despite my criticism it was still an engaging story.

Have you read Make it Stay?

I would love to engage in a conversation about this book!

My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.


  • Kate P

    Interesting! Kirkus actually gave it a “starred review.” But obviously I value your opinion more. 🙂

    I enjoyed the video; it was like having a cup of coffee with you!

  • Michelle

    It’s always hard for me when I don’t love a book, but I love that you were honest about this and that you shared the positive aspects and not just what you didn’t get from it that you’d hoped you would.

    • Pammy Pam

      thanks for the positive comments. i struggled with being true to the book and true to myself. i think i found a happy medium. more videos and coffee coming…

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