• Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Starting Today! The Diversity Reading Challenge 2017


The Diversity Reading Challenge 2017

It’s my third year of hosting The Diversity Reading Challenge. I meant it as an easy peasy way for readers to dive into diversity while keeping up with their reading. Twelve books in 12 months, which equals 1 diverse book a month. You can’t get easier than that! Whether you read non-fiction or fiction, picture books, or graphic novels, the Diversity Reading Challenge will fit in with everything you do.

3 thoughts on “Starting Today! The Diversity Reading Challenge 2017”
  1. Pam, what’s the first book you are reading this month? Maybe good that you introduce one a month as a blog post. I am reading 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

    1. Hey Kent that’s a good idea. While I wouldn’t count 10x Rule as a diversity book, I sometimes read business books but I don’t usually review them here. Because I am judging Cybil’s books this month, I won’t have time to read a diverse book, unless one of the finalists are diverse. That said, for February I plan to read something by Walter Dean Myers.

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