• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Scary School #2: Monsters on the March


Now that you’re familiar with Scary School, let’s discuss the new and exciting SS2: Monsters on the March (cue scary ghosty type boosic) !

As winners of last year’s Ghoul Games, the students of Scary School are off to Monster Forest. School may be scary, but the forest has a few frights of its own, including:

  • Bearodactyls—so terrifying we can’t even show you pictures of them
  • Princess Zogette, the Monster King’s toad-faced daughter, who falls for Charles Nukid . . . hard
  • Captain Pigbeard, fearsome leader of the Monster-Pirates and Princess Zogette’s fiancÉ (well, former fiancÉ, thanks to Charles)

And when Zogette follows Charles to Scary School, the Monster King and Captain Pigbeard raise their armies and chase after her. But the monsters have no idea who—or what—they’re dealing with.

In this clever, funny sequel to the frighteningly hilarious Scary School, Charles, Penny Possum, Dr. Dragonbreath, and all the students and teachers prove that scary monsters are no match for Scary School!


Now, go back and look at the brilliance of the colors in the cover illustrations! Who wouldn’t want to go to that school with Derek the Ghost?

This book drops June 26th, don’t wait to get it to add it to your summer reading pile!