Pirates, Crime, and Intrigue from Tradewind Books

Pirates, crime, and intrigue
from Tradewind Books

Stick around here long enough and you’ll know I love pirates, right? They do things their own way and not afraid of consequences. Kinda like librarians, right?

Caravaggio by Mark David Smith

Caravaggio by Mark David Smith

You may have heard of Caravaggio. He’s not a librarian but he is an interesting character. In this book, he helps a boy who is accused of murder. Quite a coincidence, since Caravaggio himself, was also accused a murder. Good and quick middle grade/young adult ¬†read for kids who love historical fiction. And dastardly dudes aka pirates.

Frame and the McGuire by Joanna M Weston

Frame and the McGuire by Joanna M. Weston

Here’s another middle grade/young adult book about crime (again, murder). There are no pirates in Vancouver, as far as I know but when siblings discover the body of their Uncle Tam missing, they fall into trouble. Cue the scary music…Keep an eye out on the grouchy neighbor, The McGuire, or as I call him The McGrumpy.

Thanks Tradewind Books!



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