• Thu. May 30th, 2024

So This is Paris: The Bleiberg Project by David Khara


Believe it or not, I don’t always read kids books.  To be sure, I read ALOT of books for kids but I also enjoy reading adult novels.  I’ve just recently learned to like thrillers and today I downloaded The Bleiberg Project for free from Amazon.

Bleiberg Project

Here’s what it’s about:

Are Hitler’s atrocities really over? Find out in this adrenaline-pumping ride to save the world from a conspiracy straight out of the darkest hours of history.

1942, Poland. The head of the SS meets secretly with a scientist in charge of a major Third Reich project.

Present day. After another late night with yet another woman whose name he doesn’t remember, self-pitying golden boy trader Jay Novacek learns that his long-lost father has died, precipitating events that lead him to board a plane to Zurich. He’s got a Nazi medallion in his pocket, a hot CIA bodyguard next to him, and a clearly dangerous Mossad agent on his tail. What was his father investigating? Why was his mother assassinated? Why are unknown sides fighting over him with automatic weapons? Far from his posh apartment, he races to save the world from a horrific conspiracy. Can it be stopped?

Sounds sort of Jason Bourne, doesn’t it?

If you hurry you can get it FREE today on Amazon. Cuz I got the inside scoop for ya.

You’re welcome.

So This is Paris: Thanks to my belle amie at Le French Book for sharing this thriller with us!

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