• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano


If you or your kids have ever been taken care of by a caregiver other than your parent, you know how special bonds can develop between the two.  Florence Ann Roman, a former Nanny, has written a book called Nanny and Me which documents this special bond.

Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano


And, as anyone who’s ever acted as caregiver for a child, that child never leaves you, long after you stop babysitting them. I’d say that both sides benefit from the relationship.

Being cared for by your parents to being cared for by a virtual stranger can be a very unnerving experience for young children. Florence Ann wanted to write a book that helped the child understand this transition – show them that someone, other than their parents can love them; care for them; be invested in their future; keep them safe and provide glorious memories and fun.

She always had the book written on her heart, so the words and storyline came very easily to her. Florence Ann simply searched her memory for the most treasured moments she shared with all of “her kids.” She wanted those moments to be fun, educational, sweet and loving. Not only does your nanny take care of you, but she educates you; helps cultivate your personality; teaches you life lessons; etc.

It warmed my heart to see the lovingcare that Nanny took with these children.  To be sure, arts and culture are full of stories of nannies; exuberant Mary Poppins, the big slobbery dog from Peter Pan, Carl the Rottweiler (my personal fave), Mrs Doubtfire, that weird nanny that performs magic in that movie, and the countless scary stories of bad nannies.  It’s enough to drive you crazy! But in Nanny and Me, you know that she is special and thinks the children are a special as the parents do.

I encourage you to get this book, especially if you have children who go to a babysitter or other caregiver. It’s a sweet must read!