• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

If Your Kids Like Gross: Strange, Unusual Gross & Cool Animals by Charles Ghigna


Strange, Unusual Gross & Cool Animals
by Charles Ghigna

Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals by Charles Ghinga

If your kids are into gross things. Then this is the book for you. Once again, animals and insects prove to be the weirdest things out there and Animal Planet has brought them to us. Oh how I love Animal Planet, home to the Puppy Bowl. So…there’s no cute little puppies tacking each other in this book, but you will see a Blue-Footed Booby which is a bird that actually has blue feet and live on the Pacific Coasts. The feet are actually useful for keeping their chicks warm in the nest. ¬†Another cool animal is the red-eyed crocodile skink. These little guys look like teeny weeny crocks and when they are in trouble, they faint. How funny is that?

There’s so much for your little gross loving friends or you future zoologist to learn about and to love! Naturally, kids will want to learn about animal poop, right? Not to disappoint, and actually quite interestingly, I’ve always thought that learning about animal scat (a fancy word for poop) was a good way to keep from getting eaten by bears. And from keeping my shoes from getting dirty. Wanna know what a pile of moose poop looks like? Of course you do. Turn to page 75 and find out.

But not before you eat.

So much to love about strange, unusual, gross and cool animals!


p.s. it looks like a big blob.

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