• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

H is for Humphrey! #AtoZ Challenge




Hey how are ya? I couldn’t let today go by without sharing another book with you today! Today’s book is about a hamster. EEEEK!! I know I know, if small critters freak you out then you’re in good company.

Secrets According to Humphrey


To be sure, little scurrying creatures give me the willies, but you hafta admit, this little guy looks adorbs in his Egyptian garb.  Here’s a blurb about this lovable title:

So many secrets are flying around Room 26 that Humphrey can barely keep track. Mrs. Brisbane knows a student is leaving, but Humphrey can’t figure out which one. (Even more confusing, Mrs. Brisbane seems unsqueakably happy about it.) The class is studying the Ancient Egyptians, and some of the kids have made up secret clubs and secret codes. Even Aldo is holding back news from Humphrey.

Humphrey’s job as classroom pet is to help his humans solve their problems, but all these secrets are making it HARD-HARD-HARD!

I know, right?  Perfect for the middle grade reader who’s fairly new to longer chapter books.

Tell me; did you have a class pet?