• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Harry Potterish Jewelry: Patronus Charmballa Bracelet


You know I’m all about bookish things.  Imagine my bookish delight when I came across The Patronus Charmballa Bracelet by Joseph Nogucci!  If you’re like me and still waiting for your special owl delivering your letter from Hogwarts, this bracelet will ease the pain of the wait.  I don’t post much about fashion but PammyPam does love to dress up! I especially love when I can combine my love of fashion with my love of books.

The Patronus Charmballa bracelet fits these two requirements perfectly. Look!

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Isn’t it FAB?!!? Here’s the deal:

Inspired by one of the most famous wizards in the magical world, we’ve collected recognizable pieces of his story to bring you this awesome Patronus Bracelet.   Adorned with the symbol of the three brothers to protect and bring strength, this fascinating wrist piece features the lightning bolt that started it all. Ruby red crystals complement the black nylon braiding and keep the Philosopher’s Stone close at hand. And how could we forget about the Quaffle. Also represented are two green-eyed silver owl charms to characterize our wizard’s loyal feathered companion, and little Pigwidgeon. Black beads with silver stars bring invisibility a whole new meaning.  Last but not least, at the forefront of this magical piece of arm candy is a sparkly golden crystal shamballa with silver dangling wings representing the fast and elusive game-winning snitch.   You’ll be sure to turn heads and keep the darkness at bay with this mysteriously beautiful bracelet. Available in limited quantities only so get yours before the other witches and wizards make them disappear.


You’ll see that although mine didn’t have the red crystals it is still FAB!  I was the envy of all the bookish ladies at the bookstore the day I premiered it.  I especially heart the wings. This website isn’t joking when they say get yours soon, they get grabbed up quickly.  And guess what?? It’s ON SALE! grab two, one for you and one for your bestie!

What are you waiting for?

Go!! Here’s the link again.  http://www.josephnogucci.com/products/the-patronus-charmballa-bracelet

Happy Shopping Witches & Wizards!




*I received a copy of this product for endorsement.  PammyPam is not influenced by outside sources; she determines what she loves and what she doesn’t.  And now she’s done speaking in 3rd person.*