• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Graduation, Photographers, and Cookies. A Memoir. Sorta.

You might not know this, but my youngest graduated from high school in June!!! YAY!!!

How can someone so small grow up to be a high school graduate? It seems like just yesterday she was throwing a tantrum in her sweet little church dress or bonking her brother on the head with her plastic guitar.

Because we’re readers, it seemed fitting to incorporate cookies into her party. Books, I mean we incorporated books into the party theme: She’s One Smart Cookie! That allowed me to go through her collection and lay out books that she’s enjoyed over the years.

Would you like to take a look?


I think the photos turned out beautiful! Having a photographer at the house captured memories that I’ll cherish forever. The photographer was Sheri Luckey of Moments by Sheri.  Contact her on Twitter, email ([email protected]) or phone ( 267-277-3407).

I got to have all of my fave things on one day: sweets, family, and books!


4 thoughts on “Graduation, Photographers, and Cookies. A Memoir. Sorta.”
  1. Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful and I’m sure she is one smart cookie. What a great theme for her graduation party – we often talk about our favorite books we’ve read over the years. They have become our friends.
    Best of everything to you daughter in the years ahead.

  2. Congratulations! That sounds like a really nice theme for the party, so original and special.

    1. Hi Carrie-Anne! I’m afraid any excuse to combine books and sweets is my motive.

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