• Tue. May 21st, 2024

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Yes, you read that right, Henry “The Fonz” Winkler is the author of a book!  You may not know this, but Henry Winkler is very active in children’s programming and has written many, many books for kids. I was a Fonz fan and as you know, LOVE children’s books.

Keep reading for a special surprise!

You cannot imagine my joy when I was approached to read Winkler’s and Oliver’s latest endeavor, a series entitled: Ghost Buddy.  Here’s what they’re saying.

We are excited to celebrate Scholastic’s release of Ghost Buddy #2: Mind If I Read Your Mind? by New York Times-bestselling authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. Ghost Buddy #2 is the follow-up book to the very successful 1st in the series, Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero.  Comical characters and hilarious plots will delight your kids and bring a fun reading experience to the long days of summer.  It’s the perfect title for a family book club get-together!

I can’t agree more. The story, for middle grades, is about Billy Broccoli, a middle schooler who has trouble fitting in.  We’re introduced to Billy and his ghost buddy, Hoove in book one, Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero. It’s a story everyone can relate to.  What I love MOST about the series is that there is a great ethnic blend of children: one in a wheelchair, an Indian (South Asian) child, one of Hispanic heritage, etc.  AND these kids do not act like stereotypical ethnic groups!! High five for Winkler and Oliver for getting it RIGHT!

Everyone can identify with a kid who doesn’t fit in but desperately wants to.  Billy and Hoove have an adventure and they each learn a thing or two along the way about themselves and friendship. This series is great for teachers.  Scholastic, who thinks of everything, even has a teachers guide.

Intrigued?  Wanna get your hands on the first book in the series Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero? I’m giving away a copy!  Leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner. Contest ends September 20th at Midnight EST.  SUPER EASY GIVEAWAY, right?

How cute is that book cover?  You’re gonna love it as much as I did.  I give the book four paws for ethnic diversity and teaching a lesson without being pedantic.