• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Friends with Books: Mastering the Mommy Track by Erin Flynn Jay


One of the most difficult parts of life is balancing work and family life.  As you may know, Unconventional Librarian is also a mother; so I was thrilled when my friend Erin Flynn Jay asked me to take part in her book tour reading: Mastering the Mommy Track.

I had the good fortune to meet Erin this year through a group of savvy social media women called Philly Social Media Moms.  We all share the similar experiences and support and educate each other.  Plus, we attend lots of parties, and you know how much PammyPam loves parties!

Erin’s book, Mastering the Mommy Track is a comprehensive book for women struggling to do it all.  To be sure, much of the advice in Mommy Track is geared toward young and new mothers, any parent, mothers especially can benefit from her valuable advice.

As a librarian, I’m trained to check sources for accuracy. I’ve been known to check famous author’s sources and I’ve been lucky enough to praise them on their accuracy.  What I like the best about Erin’s book is that she backs up much of her book with statistics and research. Mommy Track provides anecdotal support to the data she reveals from research.  The result is usable advice that works. I didn’t need to verify any of Erin’s information because she provided the proof herself!

Mommy Track is broken into four issues: Home, Health, Parenting, and Work Life. Each section is further broken into sub sections allowing the reader to find exactly the information she needs quickly and easily.  The book can be read in its entirety or as needed, much like a workbook.

Erin’s resources and insight are invaluable and as a parent of older children, I find that I’m still struggling with many of the issues discussed in the book (time management, sleep and health issues).  I don’t feel like you really ever master the mommy track, but rather get a handle on one segment before you move onto the next phase of mommyhood.  It’s comforting to know I’m not alone and I’m not crazy.  But as the mad hatter says, we’re all mad here.  So, I guess I’m in good company!

COMING SOON:  and interview with the author and a GIVEAWAY!

I give Erin’s book 4 paws!